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Shopping in Munich

As a major city Munich can’t really disappoint as far as shopping goes. Well except for the price. Munich is an expensive city (the most expensive in Germany) so it’s not a place to go shopping for bargains. What you will find is exclusive boutiques and fashion brands which have enviable ranges of clothing and accessories. On the lower end of the scale there are all the chain favourites like H&M and Zara here too.

The main shopping districts besides the centre city including Schwabing (which is a bit less expensive) and you’ll find a lot of students shopping. It has boutiques, second hand stores and book shops as well as small-produce and flea markets. You’ll find a lot of second-hand bookstores are on Schellingstraße, Türkenstraße around Maxvorstadt. The Glockenbachviertel is a trendy area where there are boutiques from new designers as well as cafes — all in a relaxed and peaceful setting.

You probably can’t take home cases of Weiß bier and Weißwurst — the great things Munich is known for — but there are some fun souvenirs you could consider. What about a traditional drinking glass, the Maßkrug (holds 1 litre!) or how about Bavarian clothes like a Dirndl or Lederhosen? Wear them around the home, or they make a great Christmas party costume!

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Top 10 Shopping malls and Boutique shops in Munich, Germany

  • Built for the 1972 Olympic Games the Olympia Einkaufszentrum was then a new concept in shopping: a mall. It’s been modernized since then, today containing department stores and over 130 smaller shops, along with cafes and restaurants.
  • Ingolstadt Village is one place in Munich you might find a bargain — with 30-60% of the retail price of clothing. The only catch — last season’s fashions!
  • Riem Arcaden is one of the favourite malls of shoppers in the East of Munich. It has around 120 stores, the usual chains and a few boutiques with more eclectic styles. The mall is easily accessible via public transport.
  • A unique Munich shop that attempts to dispel the myths that fair-trade clothing has to be ugly and vegan food can’t taste fantastic, Dear Goods is animal-friendly, eco-friendly and human-friendly!
  • Founded in Cologne the 19th century Galeria Kaufhof is a department store that’s had a presence in Munich for over 40 years. Selected fashion ranges and street styles, along with gourmet foods. All you need in a high quality department store!
  • Karstadt is another established German department store chain which is located in an iconic building across the road from the Munich train station and has 40,000 square meters of clothing, fragrance, accessories, food and much more.
  • A great store to visit in winter and stock up on warm ski and sports clothing, Bogner was appropriately started by a well-known German skier. It also has lighter ranges for other seasons.
  • Founded in 1893 Hugendubel proves that books have always been important in Munich. This book store is (still) family owned and has a huge range of German language and also English reading material.
  • Rosenthal, like many Munich shopping icons was established long ago: 1879 in this case. Renowned as an exquisite porcelain dealer, it also stocks glassware and furniture.
  • In the mood for whipping up a little gourmet food in your hotel? JusComte is a beautifully minimalist shop that sells high quality food products such as meats, coffee, pasta, sauces olive oil, and sweets.

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Top 5 Local shops and Local products in Munich, Germany

  • “Der verrückte Eismacher” translates to that crazy ice-cream maker, and that is just what anyone who makes mustard or gingerbread ice-cream is! The beer flavoured ice-cream is very popular with tourists!
  • Bavarian is pretty famous for its cakes and bakery Maelu prepares some of the most traditional cakes in Munich. If your mouth is watering looking at the many pastries in the window — wait till you get inside: cakes, sweets and more pastries!
  • To take home local Bavarian delicacies like Weißwürste, Obatzda (Bavarian cream cheese), or dumplings visit the high quality delicatessen the Dallmayr, and get a taste of just how good it is to live in this city.
  • Servus Heimat is a small tourist shop that has a little bit of everything Munich. From mugs to t-shirts to games (Munich even has its own game!). Also good quality local gin made in Munich. Even the locals visit!
  • MCM stands for Modern Creation München and is Munich’s own luxury leather goods brand. High quality products (with prices to match) as you’d expect from Germany’s most expensive city!