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Best Markets in Munich

Munich has one very prominent, famous, permanent market (Viktualienmarkt) and a number of smaller ones which pop up on various days. Like many European countries there are generally two types: the food kind and the flea market kind, although some tend to merge a bit of both. Which can be a good mixture as there’s nothing better than to go out looking for some fresh veggies and instead return with a second-hand wooden chair. If you love vintage and old design you could conceivably spend hours in the Munich markets.

Food lovers likewise can find themselves in for special treats. Most markets have food stalls with takeaways or finger food you can lounge around and snack on. You can find some great Bavarian breads and home-made cakes, or bretzels if you’re into something more salty. Really a bretzel needs a beer to wash it down though, and being Munich you will find plenty of local beer available.

The best thing about these markets is you can take your time. Bavarians are reputed to be a more laid back people than other Germans, and you’ll find most people that run the stalls are friendly and willing to talk.

There are also Christmas markets as in most of Germany. The origins of the Munich’s Christmas Markets go back a long way with the first mention of “Nicholaus Markets” appearing in Munich town records in the 14th century.

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Top 10 Markets in Munich, Germany

  • Viktualienmarkt is a huge daily food market in a square in the centre of Munich. Allow some time to wander and sample Bavarian fare, try some fresh juices and check out local crafts and souvenirs. Closed only on Sunday.
  • Munich Christkindlmarkt is held near the town hall in Marienplatz. There are stalls, music and a romantic winter atmosphere. On display: arts and crafts, traditional cookies and cakes, bees wax candles and other gifts.
  • The Wiener Markt occurs daily and is the smallest permanent food market in Munich. It’s located in Haidhausen and it has the appearance of an idyllic village square, surrounded by trees, wells and a maypole.
  • Auer Dult is a festival/market held three times a year on the square around Mariahilf church. Essentially a giant jumble sale which has over 300 stalls stocking anything from china to rare books to lederhosen. Bring children; it has horse riding and a merry-go-round. Lots of food for grown-ups.
  • Münchner Flohmarkt auf der Theresienwiese is the largest Munich flea market event with usually around 2000 stalls. It occurs the first Saturday of Munich’s Spring Festival and tends to bring in visitors from far and wide.
  • The Trabrennbahn Daglfing flea market happens Friday and Saturday and has a covered area where there are more antique products sold, so chances are you can find some valuables here.
  • Founded in 1880 Elisabethmarkt is named after a Bavarian princess who became an Empress of Austria. It focuses mostly on food, with offerings that include local cheeses, meats, and Munich beer.
  • Kavalleriemarkt: a flea market that’s located near the Olympic Park is open Friday and Saturday. Antiques and recycled products feature heavily. You’ll find silver and brassware, paintings and collectables.

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Top 3 Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany

  • Known as a conservative and relatively religious state (in comparison to the rest of Germany) Bavaria makes a special effort with its religious events. The Christmas Markets are particularly special. Running from November 27th to December 24th the Munich Christkindlmarkt is the largest and most spectacular in the centre of Munich. A huge Christmas tree resplendent with lights is erected each year, bathing the square in a warm glow.
  • Feel like a Christmas from another era? Try the Middle Ages Market where the stall owners make special effort to dress in the costumes of the age. Music played on medieval instruments adds to the charming atmosphere. Get into the festive mood by trying Glühwein (a traditional mulled wine) in a pottery mug.
  • Tollwood Winter Festival is the second of these festivals held each year, and combines music, scientific environmental exhibitions with the festivity of a traditional market. Because it’s so diverse it attracts a wide range of guests and visitors. There’s also a New Year’s Eve party that’s not to be missed!