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Top Attractions in Munich

Although known internationally for Oktoberfest, there’s a lot more to do than just consume beer and sing Bavarian drinking songs (fun as they may be). It’s a city with large beautiful squares and a rich history. Although much of Munich was destroyed by allied bombing in WW2, it was lovingly restored by a citizen who cared so much about their hometown.

Historical architecture such as castles and churches are well worth seeing (and you’ll find a lot of these to look at around the Old Town), but Munich also has a lot of green spaces such as the Olympia Park and the Botanical Garden.

There’s an amazing cultural heritage and many hidden places. Withlocals give you the opportunity to get to know local Munich residents who can share their local knowledge with you, and give you inside stories as only a local can. You’ll find Munich locals are proud of their city and their history, and can show you a Munich that many tours guides only hint at.

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  • Munich "city of Beer" Tour
  • creating trendy personalized mini collages and wall objects for your home and getting great practical tips on mixed media art
  • Smoothie & Raw Food Workshops
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  • Smoothie & Raw Food Workshops
  • creating trendy personalized mini collages and wall objects for your home and getting great practical tips on mixed media art
  • Munich "city of Beer" Tour
  • Old City Walking Tour with Experienced Guide
  • Old City Walking Tour with Experienced Guide

Top 10 Attractions in Munich, Germany

  • Neuschwanstein Castle, the royal castle of Ludwig II requires a day trip from Munich via train or bus. It can take 3 hours travel… and then you need to spend serious time looking. Inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle, the real thing also looks right out of a fairy-tale.
  • Okay there are a lot of statues in Europe, but it’s not always a case of “seen one — you’ve seen ‘em all.” The Bavaria statue is meant to represent the Barbarian homeland in female form.
  • Schloss Nymphenburg is a baroque palace completed in 1675 and some rooms still show evidence of their original décor. Comes complete with a beautiful, stretching park and two lakes!
  • Churches outline Munich’s skyline. Church of St. Peter is the oldest parish church in the city. It has a panoramic view of Munich — if you can handle climbing the necessary 299 steps to reach the top.
  • Site of the tragic 1972 Olympics, the Olympic Park is today a landscaped park with stadium and walking and cycling tracks. You can also learn to ski and bobsled!
  • Home to approximately 16,000 plants the Munich Botanical Garden has around 4500 square meters of glasshouses including one dedicated to over 2000 species of Orchids.
  • The Gothic cathedral known as the Frauenkirche has some interesting features such as the grave of Roman Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian and the legendary devil’s footprint in the floor.
  • It’s about 3 hours by train from Munich but The Königssee is one lake absolutely worth the trip. On a good day, it can seem like one of the most perfect places on earth. Surrounded by Alps, with pristine clear water!
  • Neues Rathaus (New town hall) is a magnificent neo-gothic building completed in 1874. Features include intricate gothic design, a famous Glockenspiel located in the tower and offers amazing views from its 85 meter tower.
  • Go on safari in Munich! Tierpark Hellabrunn (Munich Zoo) was founded in 1911 and is the world’s first Geo-zoo: a different approach where the animals live in very large enclosures, together in complex communities from the geographical areas they belong.

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3 Stories behind the attractions in Munich, Germany

  • The water of the Königssee is claimed to be the purest in Germany. To keep it that way, only electric boats are allowed to use the lake. The sheer cliffs surrounding the lake are also known for an echo of extraordinary clarity. On boat tours they will often play a Flugelhorn (a traditional Bavarian brass instrument) and as the echo returns up to 7 times, it sounds like a myriad of horns playing.
  • The tragedy of the 1972 Olympics is that it should have been a celebration of Germany moving forward after the tainted memories of the Nazi influence on the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Instead it ended with the hostage and murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists. At Olympic Park you’ll find a memorial to the 11 Israelis and 1 German policeman who lost their lives.
  • It was King Ludwig II of Bavaria who ordered the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle. A sad figure who became known as the “Mad King” he once said of himself: “I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others.” Essentially a puppet king after Austria and Bavaria were defeated by Prussia in the "German War,” he retreated into a world of fantasy, one of which was the building of this grand castle, which was never finished in his lifetime.