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To drive or not to drive?

Do you need a rental car to travel in Berlin? Well, many Berliners manage to live in the city perfectly well without a car, so unless you’re going to be traveling out of the city to smaller country villages you likely also won’t need a car.

Private driver in Berlin If you do want to see the city by car and to enjoy some of its surroundings then pick a local private driver who knows how to skip traffic jams and bring you to the best places out there. He can also help you with your itinerary and some tips and tricks about the city.

Cycle or scooter hire in Berlin - One way to avoid crowds and parking issues is hiring a bike or a scooter to navigate the urban area. You’ll find rental outlets scattered throughout the city. Generally Berlin travel via bike is very easy as the city is cycle friendly with excellent cycle lanes.

Public transport in Berlin
The public transportation infrastructure is fantastic for your travel in Berlin, and you’ll find that wherever you stay you’re well served by trains, trams

and buses. You can use the same tickets all of them and often for ferries as well. Just make sure you have the right ticket with you, so you won’t get a fine. You need to validate all tickets for travel in Berlin using a stamp machine which are usually at the entrance to stations and also on all public transport. Getting a local guide to show you around the city can be a really quick way to get up to speed on travel in Berlin, they can show you all the local secrets and how to get faster to each place.

Top highlight tours in Berlin

Highlights and Culture of Berlin


€37.50 p.p.

WWII Past & Present Tour



€28.00 p.p.

Urban Jungle: The Alternative Side



€26.50 p.p.

Out of Berlin

For traveling to other German cities (and foreign ones) Deutsche Bahn (DB, or GermanRail) is the long haul train service and it is used by 4.5 million passengers each day. You can buy first class seating, but the trains are all modern and clean and regular seating is just fine. If you’re traveling in Germany some distance to a popular destination it’s recommended to pay a little extra for a reserved seat.

Another option is of course the private driver mentioned above, who can make sure you’ll have the perfect personalized experience and get to all the places you want to. They’ll show you all the best spots and tell you more about the awesome things to do in Berlin.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
barry Elisabetta & Uygur

Graffiti and Urban sight: Kreuzberg/ Mitte / Schöneberg

Elisabetta knows her art and knows the Berlin street art scene well. She's a chilled out relaxes happy go lucky perosn who it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with. It was a lovely slice of life in Berlin we wouldn't have found without her that's for sure. Enjoy.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Franka Liz

Private Photo Shoot Tour in Berlin

The photo tour was a birthday present for my boyfriend. He enjoyed it as much as i did.
Liz is a really sweet and spontaneous person who loves what she's doing. I received the pictures two days earlier than planned.
We had a very lovely day and i would recommend Liz to everyone!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Heidi Sizwe

Berlin History Tour With A Local

Myself and two teenage sons went on Sizwe’s walking tour.
We appreciated his local knowledge and our tour went very quickly. He gave us great insight into Berlin and it’s history. Thank you for a great tour which you tailored to suit us perfectly.