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Home restaurants in Berlin

Despite the dour image, German food is good. It’s really good in fact, and there are some pretty great culinary experiences to be had in Berlin — fitting every taste and every pocket. Because of the ethnic diversity you can easily find any cuisine you’re hungering for. Thai? Sure. Indian? Absolutely. There’s even plenty of German dishes on offer. The best option for traditional German food though, is from the Germans themselves. Withlocals matches up travelers with locals who provide authentic German cooking. You have the opportunity to enjoy home-cooking in a family home and experience the local culture up-close.

If you’re looking for street food there are plenty of stalls selling the must-try Berlin currywurst — essentially a smoked and boiled sausage served in bread and layered liberally with curry sauce. Tasty! The other item that has become a staple in Berlin (and German) street food is the döner kebab (which is of course Turkish). You’ll find beef, chicken and falafel variants available in most areas of the city. Each district of Berlin definitely has its own vibe — with restaurants and cafes to match.

If you’re feeling really adventurous — why not try lunch at a workers canteen?

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10 Delicious Restaurants Berlin, Germany

  • Kantine im Berliner Ensemble: It’s a real canteen where workers get a cheap (taxpayer subsidised) lunch (from €3.5- €7). Yes, you can go there too. Typically serves basic hearty food like goulash, pasta, or meat with vegetables.
  • Curry 36: One stop shop for currywurst in Berlin. They offer other types of traditional sausages and burgers too. Budget priced but not budget taste — eat in or takeaway.
  • Yellow Sunshine: It’s vegetarian. It’s organic. It’s fast food. Which sounds a contradiction in terms, therefore you have to try it. For vegetarians who don’t want to miss out on the local cuisine there’s tofu currywurst!
  • Facil: On the other scale and side of town is this 2 Michelin star, fine dining experience in the heart of Potsdamer Platz. It serves a set menu or a la carte with truly creative local food from master Chef Michael Kempf.
  • Khushi: Everyone loves (or should love) great Indian food and this is some of the best Berlin has to offer. All the usual suspect curries you want, but with subtle, crafted flavours that set each apart.
  • Reinstoff: A fine dining restaurant with 2 Michelin stars that possesses some truly remarkable architecture in a once Prussian-era factory. The avant-garde menu also won’t disappoint (assuming your budget stretches).
  • Sisaket: This is a place to check out if you’re in the hunt for Thai food in Berlin. Sisaket is in a central location (not far from Checkpoint Charlie) and boasts some of the best green curry you will find outside of Asia.
  • Weihenstephaner: Bavaria has a culture and cuisine all of its own and Weihenstephaner transplants the flavour of the Southern Alps to Berlin quite nicely.
  • Knofi: Affordable, Turkish and artsy. Sample the Gossies, which are a kind of Turkish crepes accompanied by a delicious selection of sauces: Tatziki, hummus dips and plenty of vegetarian options.
  • Gasthaus Figl: Essentially a German gastropub serving Flammkuchen (a traditional flatbread, often topped with onion and sour cream). They’ve recently gone creative, adding all kinds of toppings, but go for the original kind. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should.

Berlin, Germany


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Berlin, Germany


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Berlin, Germany


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5 Traditional foods you must try Berlin, Germany

  • Spatzle: A Bavarian dish which is made of flour and egg noodles and usually served with cheese (making it Kasespatzle). Pretty similar to macaroni cheese but just as tasty!
  • Wurst: There are just about as many German sausages as there are ways of cooking and eating them. The most famous are bratwurst (fried), wiener (smoked and boiled), blutwurst (the dreaded blood sausage), and Bavarian weisswurst (a white sausage you peel before eating it with mustard or sauce).
  • Brezels: A type of German pretzel sprinkled with salt which are very commonly eaten as snacks (often with beer).
  • Apfelstrudel: Apple strudel (for the uninitiated) has been a popular dessert since the 18th century. Made up of apple, sugar cinnamon, pastry, it’s simple and delicious!
  • Schweineschnitzel: (Literally pig schnitzel) is the famous traditional cutlet of meat fried in egg, flour and breadcrumbs. A very popular dish outside of Germany too.