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Climate & Weather in Berlin

North-western and coastal Germany are classed as a temperate marine climates — and feature hot summers and mild winters. Other regions such as Bavaria are classed as temperate because there’s a clear spring, summer, autumn and winter, with no hot or cold periods longer than others. Reflecting the different temperate zones, extremes between summer and winter, night and day and are considerably greater in the south than in the north. Rain falls throughout the year, with the highest levels experienced in the summer months — so whenever you visit you may need to bring or buy an umbrella.

Germany is a year round destination; it really depends on what you’re looking to do. The best time to visit if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors and want to see the sights, is to walk around and sit in the outdoor cafes during May through September.

Spring and autumn also hold some appeal for those who want mostly fine weather without the high tourism numbers; although a city like Berlin rarely has a “slow” period. There is only busy and busier!

Winter can be an attraction for those who want to experience German Christmas markets or traditions or just go skiing.

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Weather facts in Berlin, Germany

  • In summer Berlin temperatures average around 20-24°C.
  • In autumn temperatures tend to drop quickly and can go down from 14°C in September to 4°C in November.
  • In winter it snows frequently and temperatures can drop to freeing or below, but there’s little difference between day and night temperatures (so at least you know it won’t get any worse at night).
  • In spring temperatures climb fairly quickly from low single figures to low double figures. There can be grey, cold days, but also days where the air is crisp, the sky clear and blue.
  • June, July and August are the months which have the best even range. The hottest month is July. The coldest month is January. The wettest month is June.

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