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Attractions in Germany

Germany’s cities attract the most tourists each year, with Berlin, its capital being in the number one spot and Munich second, but the country has a lot of attractions to note far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. This is a country with many great hidden places and an amazing cultural heritage. Locals from Withlocals give you the opportunity to get to know the insights of the attractions and they can share their local knowledge with you. This is useful in the big cities, where there are some great places that are totally off the normal tour radar, and also in smaller places that may not have regular tours available. It’s a great way to make use of locals’ knowledge of their own home areas.

Culture, nature and a rich history are the key words that sum up Germany’s tourist attractions. With cities filled with museums and cultural activities like opera or galleries, to quaint towns and villages and beautiful landscapes, there is really too much to see and do in one trip. So the answer is to selectively pick a few places in advance, or perhaps take in one region (such as Bavaria) at a time, then you can always come back for more.

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Top 10 Attractions in Germany

  • The Zoological Garden (Berlin): Opened in 1844, this is the oldest zoo in Germany. Situated right in the centre of Berlin it has state of the art enclosures where the animals seem cared for and happy. A must visit!
  • The Brandenburger Tor (Berlin): Constructed in 1891, badly damaged in 1945, it wasn’t until 2002 that the famous gate was fully restored. Probably the most well recognized landmark of both new and old Berlin.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (southwest Bavaria): The royal castle of Ludwig II requires a day trip from Munich via train or bus. It can take 3 hours travel… and then you need to spend serious time looking. Inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle, the real thing also looks right out of a fairy-tale.
  • The Königssee (Berchtesgaden): It’s about 3 hours by train from Munich but this spectacular lake is absolutely worth the trip. On a good day, with pristine clear water, surrounded by the Alps.
  • Cologne Cathedral (Cologne): A long time in the making — construction began in 1248 — and it was not completed till 1880. Its huge gothic spires make it the church with the world’s largest facade.
  • The Black Forrest: (south-western Germany): No German tour is complete without taking in this beautiful area of evergreens which extends some 160 km. You can hike, bike or ski in the area!
  • The Rhine Valley: Stretching from Switzerland through Germany to the Netherlands, the Rhine has 1320 km of natural beauty to explore. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is one of the best and has castles and many medieval towns nearby.
  • Old town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof (Regansburg): This beautiful medieval town built on the Danube contains 2000 years of historical buildings which showcase styles from ancient Roman, Romanesque to Gothic.
  • Zwinger Palace (Dresden): Built in 1709 this palace is renowned for its Baroque architecture, beautiful sculptures and large garden park covering 147 hectares.
  • Golden Hall (Augsburg): Located in the Augsburger Rathaus the Golden Hall is a spectacular example of Renaissance design. The 14 metre high ceiling really is decorated in gold. Ostentatious and beautiful!



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A few lesser known attractions in Germany

  • Sanssouci Park and Palace (Potsdam): Completed in 1756 these are considered important examples of the late baroque (Rococo) movement. The gardens are huge, stretching into a 2.5 km avenue. The palace itself is famous for being the summer residence of Frederick the Great. Also on the grounds are an art gallery, Chinese house and Roman baths!
  • The Müllersche Volksbad (Munich): A swimming pool in Munich’s Old Town which was erected in 1901. Almost all historical details have been kept in the way they originally were. With its art nouveau design and colourful murals, it’s normal to feel like you’ve stepped even further back in time.
  • Strasbourg Cathedral (Strasbourg): This amazing example of Gothic architecture is famous for never being completed; its second spire is missing. The exterior, covered with effigies of goblins is genuinely intimidating. For 227 until 1874 it was the tallest building on Earth. A truly remarkable example of workmanship which doesn’t exist today.