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Climate in Paris

Someone once described Paris as spiritually a southern European city which has the misfortune to find itself located in northern Europe! What that refers to is, of course, the weather. From June to September, Paris can have some very hot days or even weeks. However, just as is the case everywhere in northern Europe, good weather can’t be absolutely guaranteed and the weather in general can be unpredictable. Yes, it can rain and even be a little chilly in July and August. Winters are rarely extreme and are more typically cold, wet, grey and windy rather than heavy ice and snow. Humidity in summer can be high but it’s more commonly perfectly pleasant. The best advice is to bring a variety of clothing with you and anticipate rain at any time of the year. Make that clothing warmer in the period October to April/May and lighter for the rest of the year. Withlocals tours will always find lots of interesting things to do in Paris though, irrespective of the weather!

Top things to do in Paris

Off the beaten path tour of "Le Marais"


€30.00 p.p.

French Dinner for Food Lovers


€30.00 p.p.

A Typical Parisian Night Out with a Local



€44.00 p.p.

Seasons and temperatures in Paris

Paris pretty much empties of Parisians for much of August when the locals will pack up and head (traditionally) for the French coasts for 2-3 weeks. Normally, the weather in summer is good, warm and sunny with some heatwaves a possibility but they’re usually of short duration. Warm rain and some grey days are also a possibility.

Those locals that don’t head out into the country may use the excellent recreational facilities in their city and day-trips to the various sights are very popular. Although July and August are the peak tourist months, paradoxically, they’re also amongst the quieter periods in the city overall due to the mass holiday exodus. That can help you get into those restaurants, bars and clubs that bit easier. Do watch out though as, very oddly, some businesses (usually smaller family-owned ones) will actually also close at the peak of the visitor season for the owner’s holiday!

The entire feeling of Paris changes in winter. It becomes more atmospheric. It can be pretty cold but that’s ideal for exploring its many streets and covered galleries. If you like to see the authentic Paris with local tours, you may find that fall, spring and winter are a better reflection of Parisian life than the peak summer months.

Fall and spring both have their own merits here. Spring is when the city starts to shake of the doldrums of winter and really blossom again while fall is almost a time of quiet reflection.

Whenever you visit Paris, it’ll charm you though – whatever the weather is doing outside!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Maria Mischa

Inspiring Walk Through Montmartre & Your Very Own Masterpiece

We booked a tour with Mischa to take in the sights of Montmartre. Most importantly, I booked it because I read in her bio that she is a sculptor and I was hoping her artistic passion would translate into a very enjoyable tour.
We got that and so much more! I give her a 12 out of 10! We traveled with our 10 year old granddaughter. Mischa sent me a note prior to our trip asking her name, her interests so she could make the tour tailored to her. We started a little slow because the weather was not cooperating but once Mischa took us around and had us take in the sights, sounds and vibrancy of Montmartre for inspiration, she then had us work on a sculpture to commemorate our visit.
This was Mischa's time to shine! I wish you could see how fascinated my granddaughter was listening to the background on Rodin Mischa gave her, the simple instructions on how to use the materials she provided to bring her imagination alive! It was what I had hoped for and so much more! Her interaction with my grandchild was like watching a patient art teacher encourage her student.
We enthusiastically recommend this Montmartre experience with Mischa!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Justine Paris

Best of Paris tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems

This was our second Withlocals tour and it did not disappoint. Zoltan was a great tour guide and very informative. He picked up on areas of interest to us and guided our tour around these. I highly recommend touring with Zoltan.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Monika Paris

Paris Kickstart Tour with a Local

Alex ist sehr nett und hat uns ein Paris gezeigt , das wir nicht im Reiseführer Buch finden können.
Wir hatten Zeit um die besten macerons zu versuchen . Wir waren in schönen Gassen und in Parks die man sonst nur durch Zufall findet.
Lieben Dank