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Top 10 must-see attractions in Paris

Where to begin when talking about the attractions of Paris? The most popular tourist destination in the world certainly has plenty to see and many of its sights are now global icons including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame etc. Yet there are plenty of things to do in Paris that many tourists just don’t know about.

  • The UNESCO Peace Gardens. The HQ of UNESCO is in Paris and they have a wonderful Japanese garden that should be seen.
  • The Nagasaki Angel. Located in the same gardens is a stone angel recovered from the ruins of Nagasaki after the Atomic Bomb was dropped.
  • The Carnavalet Museum. Simply ignored by many mass tours, this is a fascinating museum with a variety of incredible exhibits including Napoleon’s toiletry case!
  • The Paris Canals. One of Napoleon’s many ideas was to build a canal network around parts of Paris. Today it’s usually the Seine that’s known for its boat trips but to see a different face of Paris try a trip on the canal St. Martin and others.
  • The Passy Well. Drilled deep through solid rock, this was a way of bringing clean spring water to local citizens at a time when the normal drinking water could kill! It’s still in the small park today and is used.
  • La Pagode. An amazing ex-cinema located in the middle of an ornate Japanese pagoda. Today it’s a tea-room and fascinating for a visit.
  • The Paris Sewers. Want to feel a little like Indiana Jones? This is actually a great and interesting tour of the vast underground and very historic system. Your nose may need to be prepared though!
  • The Lutetia Amphitheatre. Strangely often overlooked, this was one of the great centers of Roman Lutetia (Paris). Well preserved and still used today by locals for sport etc.
  • The Catacombs. Open to the public but again often overlooked, touring these underground areas will give you an insight into aspects of the city’s macabre past.

Top main attractions tours in Paris

Montmartre Walking Tour


€50.00 p.p.

Typical Parisian Night Out with a Local



€45.00 p.p.

Best of Paris Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems



€29.00 p.p.

Paris Highlights

  • The Eiffel Tower. True, no visit to Paris would be complete without taking in some of the household-name sights! Get local advice for the best times and tickets though because while it is awe-inspiring, queues can be huge and it’s not cheap.
  • Avenues Champs-Elysées and George V. If you love retail therapy or just gazing in windows and gasping at prices, this will be for you. It’s actually surprisingly enjoyable to drift along looking at items and costs that may be amongst some of the most unique anywhere in the world.
  • The Pantheon. Originally built as a church in the mid-18th century, it today houses the burial remains of some of the most famous people associated with French life. Voltaire, Rousseau and Marie Curie (she was Polish) and many other notables are interred here. Well worth a visit for the architecture and monuments.

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Dawn Paris

Paris Favorite Food Tour: 10 Tastings

Juliette was the perfect local to infuse the cultural tastes, sounds and sights of Paris. She spoke English very well and never hesitated to answer all of our questions. Fortunately we didn't have any culinary limitations so it allowed us to partake of all she recommended; however I'm quite confident she would accommodate all needs. We loved her tour so much that we copied it the next day for two other friends who were unable to be part of fun with Juliette. Sadly, we didn't have the charm and wit Juliette did. In hindsight, we should have hired her again.

Withlocals guest
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Sandra Paris

Bonjour Paris! - Fun Family Intro Tour

Rachelle was a high light of our trip. She really was incredible and engaging towards our twelve year old granddaughter, who really enjoyed her very informative tour.
She was so easy to be with and flexible towards our requirements. Thank you Rachelle, you are a great ambassador for your company. Ella really enjoyed your tour

Withlocals guest
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Pete Paris

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