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Nightlife in France

This nation gave the world the Folies Bergères, the Cancan plus the Moulin Rouge! At the other end of the spectrum though, the arts are highly valued and French people will go to the theatre, opera and music concerts perhaps more often than those in many other countries. Of course, not all nightlife here is high-brow. There are great clubs and discos in most of the larger towns and eating out in exquisite but modestly-priced restaurants is a big part of French social life. The cinema is popular though you’ll need local tours expert advice if you’re to find an English language film (called VO or “Version Originale”). In summer, beach parties are popular as is eating and partying ‘al fresco’. Alcohol of all types is widely available and France is moving away from its one-time focus on wine as the drink of choice to a now wider selection of beverages. Dining with friends and family is also very popular as a night out and dinners can easily go on until 2 or 3am – as you may discover with the Withlocals tours experience! Note though that public drinking to excess is still relatively rare in French culture. It’s looked-down on as evidence of a lack of self-control. So, take it easy!

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Top 10 Clubs and Discos in , France

  • Wanderlust in Paris has a terrace overlooking the Seine and is open until 6am at weekends - so don’t worry about missing that last metro home because you can always catch the first one in the morning.
  • The well-established Parisian Bus Palladium in south Pigale offers a range of musical styles while staying close to its rock and roll roots. The food and cocktails are also excellent.
  • Le Baron. If you are looking to spot some famous French celebrities then this is the place to go
  • The White Room on the Champs-Elysées is only open for dancing on Saturday night after the restaurant has closed. There’s an outdoor terrace with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Baoli is one of Cannes best known night spots catering for the wealthy jet-setting crowd – so expect great music (house and techno) combined with excellent service and luxurious surroundings.
  • Combine some great Cuban/Carribean food with a hectic night of upbeat salsa dancing at Nice’s La Havane. Open most nights, particularly good Thursday to Saturday
  • Juan-les-Pins’ legendary “Whisky à Go-go” is still going strong after 60 years. Things really start to pick up after 3am.
  • The Club Delicatessen is housed in an old 15th century prison. Guest DJs and theme nights make this the place to go in Rennes.
  • Bordeaux’s Le Monseigneur is located in a fairly touristy area so is popular with visitors to this bustling city – open most nights.
  • For a Latin American evening in Bordeaux try l’Aztecal. Enjoy amazing cocktails in a tropical setting.

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Party districts , France

  • City centers. Here you’ll usually find the restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s also home to the theatres, cinemas and so on - if you like your nightlife a little more sedate.
  • Suburban areas. Pickings here can be slimmer but you may find the big ‘crazier’ discos located in these areas to avoid city-center noise issues. Watch out for public transport though, which can shut down early in outlying areas.
  • Rural and small town. Just like everywhere, smaller towns can be quiet but the French love holding parties in the countryside by rivers, lakes and beaches etc. You’ll need local tours expertise, usually, to hear about those and they’re often by invitation only.