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Firstly, France is affectionately known by many other Europeans as being the continent’s most idiosyncratic country. It has a legendary (or perhaps more correctly ‘notorious’) official bureaucracy that can be largely incomprehensible to foreigners and whilst that rarely impinges upon tourists, it can do if you’re unaware.

For example, it’s perfectly possible here to travel to a restaurant or local shop at the height of the holiday season only to find that it is closed because the owners themselves have shut down and gone on holiday at what should have been their busiest time of the year! Another might be finding that it may be difficult to get served ‘lunch’ if you enter a restaurant much after 1.30pm because you’re “too late”.

Such things aren’t necessarily a problem but local tour guides from Withlocals can help you make sure you spend your time enjoying the country - not finding out how things work.

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Getting the best in France

Most importantly, local guides and local tours can help you to see the real, as opposed to guide book France.

For example, walking (or horse riding) around the vast coastal sandy tidal areas surrounding Mont St. Michel is an incredible experience but quicksand makes this area dangerous and only local guides can be sure that you’re kept safe when doing so. It’s not something you’ll want to miss though if you’re in the area. Then there are the mysterious and legendary hills and valleys in the south west of France that were once associated with the Knights Templar and the tragically doomed Cathars of the Middle Ages and which are still reputed to be linked to Masonry. There are hidden ruins, valleys and magical spots that nobody but the locals will know and which you should see.

Take the city of Bordeaux as another example. Famed for its architecture, wine and cuisine, locals will be able to make sure you get to the very best restaurants that normally tourists miss, as they head to the over-priced tourist traps.

Then there’s retail therapy. Just like people everywhere, a local French guide will know where the best shops are both in terms of quality and price or which of the stallholders on the market will give you the best deal – and that’s rarely the one with the most attractive display! So, if you’d like to see and feel the real France, it’s worth considering a local guide.



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Guides in France

In some countries, it can be essential to travel with a local guide for your own safety. Of course, that’s not the case in France.

Even so, there are many good reasons to think about local tours in the company of Withlocals.

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