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French Airports

France is very well served with airports. The majority of visitors on long-haul international flights arrive at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, which some locals will also call “Roissy” after the nearest local town. There are though major international airports near most of the bigger French conurbations including Rennes, Nantes, Marseilles, Lyon and so on. Many budget airlines from around the world now use these regional airports due to their lower landing charges. Watch out though for those budget airlines who claim you’re flying to Paris only to then land 70 kilometers away at a small satellite airport! France has been relatively slow in waking up to the opportunities for domestic budget airline travel and prices remain moderately high for internal flights when compared so many other European countries – though that situation is changing fast and local tours can help you find those real budget flights within the country. Transport from airports into nearby towns is usually excellent and either free or not very expensive. Sometimes those transfers will be via rail but on the whole, most commonly by road in a shuttle bus or taxi. Official taxis are regulated and the prices on the whole are not too bad.

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Specific Airport Links France

No French airport, domestic or international, can be described as being isolated.

The transport links, whether train, bus or taxi to most of them from the nearby city centers are regular, typically excellent and widely publicized. Watch out though for some, good examples perhaps being Beauvais (often called “Paris-Beauvais”) or Dinard, which are relatively small and integrated transport links may not be something you can always 100% rely on.

Remember too that with some airports, transport links will be geared-up to delivering you to the nearest major city the airport serves. So, if you fly into say Nantes but actually don’t want to go to Nantes city center but rather to Angers, then you’ll need to get to grips with the internal public transport services in Nantes to travel on to Angers.



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Guided Airport Transfers France

If you’ve just climbed off a flight and are tired and jaded, plus your knowledge of French is limited, then you might not be in the best frame of mind to start trying to get to grips with the transport infrastructures!

If so, that’s no problem at all. The Withlocals experience will ensure that a local person meets you directly off the flight and arranges transport to wherever you need to get to. Not only that but they can also accompany you to your accommodation to make sure you get there safely and without trauma!

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