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London is an easy city to get around in. The Underground (Metro) system is extensive, excellent and relatively low-cost. The famous London double-decker buses are plentiful and also cheap though traffic congestion in London is an issue. Regional rail services around London are also very good and great value. Outside of the city centers, regional and rural public transport is often poor to non-existent. Local rail services are patchy in terms of coverage and typically expensive, so, most English people travel longer distances by road. The good news for car hire and road travel is that English motorways (Freeways/Autoroutes) are largely free and driving in England overall is typically ordered and disciplined by continental European standards. Accident statistics are moderately low and for example, about 50% lower than those in some other European countries. The bad news is that many roads in southern England are horrendously busy almost 24x7 and traffic jams on major routes are now the norm. Note that if you drive into central London, you may be liable for the London Congestion Charge, applied as you pass automatic cameras that photograph your number plate. Your Withlocals tours can provide all transport meaning it is an area you won’t have to worry about!

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Local ways of transportation in England

In the big cities of England, buses, metros, local trains, trams and taxis are commonplace. They work well and are on the whole reasonably priced. The London ‘Black Cab’ is world famous and drivers have to pass an exceptionally demanding test, called ‘The Knowledge’, to prove they know London’s streets inside-out before they can ply their trade.

Outside of the big cities, local regional public transport is very patchy and often poor (sometimes zero), with most people using their cars for journeys in small-town and rural England. Transport between major centers is usually done by car, coach (now rare) and train. Longer-distance travel by train is typically expensive, which is why many people choose their cars.

Southern England has a major problem with population density and that means that many roads, almost everywhere, are continuously busy. Expect regular jams and delays. A classic English joke is to refer to the London Orbital Motorway (freeway) M25 ring road as “the world’s biggest car park”. Successive British governments have recognized that road congestion is a vast problem for the UK. At this moment in time, no apparent solution is in hand but it would be wise to let your local tour guide help you with your travel plans to avoid delays if you’re travelling in England.
Cycling in most English cities is not advised. Many English cities, with some notable exceptions like Oxford and Cambridge, are significantly behind European norms for providing cyclist-friendly traffic systems.



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