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Shopping in England

England, as part of the UK, uses the Pound Sterling not the Euro. London, as a major capital city, has extensive shopping opportunities ranging from designer labels to bargain basement options in the many local markets here. Your Withlocals guide will be able to make sure you can find your way to the best markets and local shopping opportunities if you’re not interested in the big ticket-prices of the famous West End retail outlets. As central London is one of the most expensive property locations in the world, retail prices in the center may be considerably higher than elsewhere in England. Generally, haggling is not an English custom with the solitary exception of antique dealers and perhaps some bric-a-brac stalls on markets. Credit and bank cards of all types are widely accepted. For centuries, England has been a large (in economic terms) trading nation and as a result, it’s possible to find goods and produce from almost anywhere on earth in the typical English city. One downside of this though is that comparatively few things in the 21st century can be said to be distinctly ‘English’ special purchases. VAT (sales tax) will be added to your bill but unlike some other European countries, in England, the quoted ticket price will almost always include that tax.

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Top 10 Malls & Chains in England

  • Marks and Spencer. World famous for clothing, household goods and foodstuffs.
  • Next. Fashion outlet for both sexes with some great kids’ clothing and fantastic sales bargains.
  • House of Fraser. Has department stores in most bigger towns and cities.
  • John Lewis. The ‘never knowingly undersold’ department stores selling quality clothing, beauty products and household goods.
  • Boots. Not a retailer of boots and shoes but a chemist chain which also retails beauty products and fragrances, smaller electrical and gift items.
  • Trafford Centre Manchester . 1.8million square feet of retail space and 230 stores, restaurants and bars.
  • The MetroCentre Gateshead. 342 shops 10,000 free parking spaces and a train station make shopping here easy.
  • Westfield Shepherd’s Bush London. 345 retailers in a 1.6m sq. ft. space with over 700 fashion brands alone.
  • Knightsbridge. Actually a part of London rather than a store but it is world-famous for both Harrods and Harvey Nichols – both “crème de la crème” department stores.
  • Bull Ring Birmingham. This area has been home to a market of one type of another since the middle ages but not on this scale perhaps!



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Top local Products England

  • Cheeses. English cheeses regularly score more highly than French cheese in blind tastings, even in France – much to the chagrin of the French! So, try mature Cheddar, Wensleydale, Leicester, Double Gloucester and the incomparable Stilton – to name but a few!
  • Handmade leather shoes. Very rarely found now but many of the word’s super-rich say English handmade shoes are the best. Expect a big price tag and possibly lengthy delays if you have a pair made.
  • Traditional tailored suits. Savile Row in London is the street where you’ll find the most exclusive handmade suits in the world. Not really for those on a tight budget!
  • Burberry clothes. A global English brand of distinctive English clothing.

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