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Nightlife in England

Over centuries, England has always offered, in its major cities, a highly vibrant, diverse, energetic and often raucous nightlife. Never trying to match the cool sophistication of many continental European cities, English nightlife has usually been at the high-octane end of entertainment and is considered very liberal with few legal restrictions other than prohibitions covering drugs. There are the traditional excellent theatres, cinemas, restaurants and pubs but the club scene is very dynamic and pushes the boundaries. This is a great English tradition and explains why the country has been at the forefront of popular global entertainment culture evolution since the 1960s. Unlike in some other European countries, most young people will go out ‘to party’ starting at pubs and ending up in clubs/discos and perhaps take in some food at the end or late in the evening. More mature people may go out for a meal then move on to a club. Most clubs will refuse to admit people who are clearly inebriated and some, whatever the law might say, may limit the numbers of unaccompanied males admitted if the gender ratio inside is becoming too unbalanced. Your Withlocals guides will all have an in-depth knowledge of the local entertainments and will be certain to find something that will appeal to your preferences. Note that for centuries, heavy drinking has been a part of English city-center nightlife culture and the results can be visible on the streets in the early hours of the morning following Friday and Saturday nights. This is perhaps not for the faint hearted or sensitive unaccompanied tourists who are unfamiliar with this culture. Your local tours guide will advise.

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Top 10 English Clubs and Discos England

  • Concorde 2. With state of the art acoustics and lighting systems this former Victorian tearoom in Brighton is on the of UK leading live music venues.
  • Motion Club Bristol. Billed as the UK’s most unique club.
  • West Indian Centre. This club in Leeds has been around for over 15 years and if you’re into dub, reggae and drum-n-bass, this is the place.
  • The Rainbow Venues. Another Brighton club with different vibes happening in different rooms.
  • Fabric. This London club has been in operation for over 15 years with three rooms offering different experiences all night long.
  • Dalston Superstore. This London club offers great cocktails, art exhibitions and get down dancing.
  • The Night Shelter. A Sheffield warehouse that used to be a cutlery factory is the location of this club that specializes in good music rather than glitzy sage and light shows.
  • The Soup Kitchen. This Manchester venue has a bar/restaurant upstairs where you can ‘fuel up’ before heading down to the club itself in the basement.
  • The Ministry of Sound. Billed as London’s number 1 club for dance and House music. Been going since 1991.
  • The Borderline. In London’s Soho - a venue with a great atmosphere serving up amazing live music.



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Party districts England

  • City centers. Unlike some countries, great venues can exist almost anywhere in the city. That can be conventional cinemas or theatres to techno-clubs and so on. In London, the club, theatre, cinema and ‘night out’ pub scene is almost everywhere.
  • Suburban areas. The English tend to like their suburbs to be relatively calm, so there may be some good pubs and restaurants but not necessarily a lot of clubs.
  • Rural and small town. The opportunities for major nightlife in small town England are likely to be few and far between. Some big country parties are held but this is not as widespread as it was in the 1980s/90s. Most people will go into the nearest big town for entertainment though good pubs can be found everywhere.