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Museums in England

Many of the English museums are amongst some of the best-known institutions on earth. The British Museum is virtually legendary in terms of its collections and there are many others like it. There is quite simply a museum for every interest in and around the capital. They’re fantastic! Most of London’s major museums are free to enter – something that is a big plus. Some private museums in London and elsewhere in England are payable but the charges are usually very modest. Some of the more famous locations can become very crowded at the height of summer, so make sure you take the advice of your Withlocals’ guide or just try and get there early. Most of the larger institutions will have cafés or restaurants but the quality can be indifferent and typically they’ll be expensive. Sadly, security concerns today are paramount and that means you should expect your bags to be searched and you may be ‘frisked’ for sharp objects and paint sprays etc. You may also be required to check-in larger bags and collect them upon your departure.

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Top 10 Museums in England

  • The British Museum, London. A magnificent institution, you would need several days to look around the building in its entirety!
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Concentrating more on social history, such as clothing and fashion, this is immensely popular.
  • The Natural History Museum, London. The huge skeletons of dinosaurs and whales make this a firm favorite with adults and children alike.
  • The Science Museum, London. Lots of massively impressive displays and exhibitions plus lots of buttons to press!
  • The Imperial War Museum. A slightly out-of-step name for the 21st century, this is nevertheless a fantastic display of ancient military equipment.
  • The Tate and National Galleries. Vast collections of art including some of the most famous names in art history.
  • The National Toy Museum, London. A smaller but hugely interesting museum covering the history of toys through the ages.
  • The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham. In the middle of England, this institution has one of the best collections in the world but is often overlooked due to the high visibility of the London museums.
  • Ironbridge/Coalbrookdale museums, Staffordshire. Getting into northern England, this was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the modern world. The locality has the world’s first-ever cast-iron bridge built in 1779 (said at the time to have been impossible) and it has been visited by millions.
  • Yorvik Viking Centre, York. This is a combined archaeological dig and museum that re-creates the life of Viking Yorvik (York) around 1,200 years ago. A great day out in Northern England



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3 Particularly Good Museums in England

  • The British Museum. It has some of the most spectacular exhibits in the world. The only problem is that its vast size can be intimidating.
  • The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. This is another stunning collection of art and antiquities that would grace any capital city in the world but it is here in this famous university town. Look for the Anglo-Saxon ring that has at least some connection to King Alfred the Great in the 9th century.
  • The Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire. In the east of England, this collection of historic aircraft is one of the best in the world. Not all the aircraft are connected to the military – for example, it has a Concorde. It really is a great display if you like aviation.

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