Travel options in London

Travel in London is easy. Most locals get around by bus, bike, or underground, and they’re by all means the quickest and cheapest ways to move around the city. Paying for transport is pretty easy too, all you need is an Oyster Card. One of these cards means you can travel to all districts and suburbs with one easy payment system. What’s more, you can buy one from virtually any corner shop or transport link.

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Getting around London

Ride a typically British big red bus

Travelling by bus is one of the easiest forms of travel in London, and one of the nicest too. When you use the bus, you’ll be able to see all the wonderful sights of the city on your journey. There’s a bus stop on every street and every corner, so you’ll always manage to catch the one you need. Plus, it’s the best way to get a real feel for how the locals travel on their daily commute.

One ride is as little as £1.50 to anywhere in the city, and if you get back on the bus within an hour of getting off, you won’t be charged for a second ride. It’s definitely the cheapest way to travel.

Travel at the speed of light on the tube

London is well known for its underground system, also known as ‘the tube’, and its overground trains. Running from the south to the north, east to the west, you can travel to pretty much any destination in the city, and super speedy too! When you use this system, you simply tap your Oyster Card at the barriers when you get on and again when you get off; it’s as easy as that.

The main lines are The Central, Victoria, Northern, Jubilee, and The Circle; these routes will take you to anywhere you need to be. It’s the quickest form of travel in London, and popular with all the locals. With signs in every underground station, it’s really easy to navigate too.

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Cycle your way through the city

There are locations all over the city with Santander Cycles, also known as Boris Bicycles, available to pick up as you please. Taking a bike to travel in London is a really nice way to get from A to B at your own pace. It’s also environmentally friendly and super convenient, as you can drop the bike off at any specified location. They’re just £2 to access with your first half hour free, from then they’re an extra £2 for every half an hour, making them ideal to travel between short distances. So if you want the wind in your hair and fresh air in your lunges then choose a Santander Cycle.

Travel in style in a classic taxicab

Taxis are relatively cheap in London, as long as you aren’t going to far. They’re the most convenient way to travel as you can get picked up from your doorstep and dropped off at your destination’s doorstep without any hassle. There’s a range of taxi companies that are all reputable and safe to use. Black cabs are usually more expensive than private hire cars, but often quicker and know the shortest routes to get to your destination.

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This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Hélène Wasa

Private Scooter Tour to a Beautiful Lake

Wasa was superb. We had a Wonder full day.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Matthew Fabrizio

Authentic Italian Dinner with Opera Artists

We had a fabulous evening with Fabrizio and Otello. Julia was there to help translate as none of the 5 in our group spoke Italian. Fabrizio and Otello warmly welcomed us into their lovely home, a short taxi ride from our accommodation in the centre. The evening started with a gentle cooking lesson on ragu sauce and chiatarina pasta making, made clear and fun despite the language barrier through Julia’s translations and mime as well as Fabrizio and Otello’s patience with our efforts. We also had a delicious chicken cacciatore and quince tart. This was by far the best meal of our holiday as well as a great experience and we recommend it very highly.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Robert William

Yehliu Geopark & Small Town Escape Day Tour

We absolutely loved our tour and much of that was due to William. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Most of all we loved his flexibility. William made sure the tour was customized to exactly what we wanted to see. So different than your typical sterile tour offered by most. Thanks for everything William.