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Restaurants in London

London has some of the best dining in Europe if not the world. That’s because its history as the capital city of a vast global empire meant that many peoples from around the globe have made it their home over the past 150 years and brought their cuisines with them. So, you’ll find fantastic restaurants here covering every global cuisine imaginable! A slight downside of that though was that English/British cuisine almost disappeared and surveys regularly show that Indian dishes are now the favorite ‘English’ meals of Londoners! However, things have changed over the past 10-20 years and there are now some excellent restaurants serving traditional English/British fare. London doesn’t really have its own cuisine that’s radically different to elsewhere in England. The one exception is the tradition of eating shellfish from stalls in the un-trendy East End of London but you’ll need Withlocals’ expert advice to find those! In central London, restaurant prices may be high – particularly if you’re dining near the tourist spots. Pub dining is usually cheaper. Evening meals tend to start a little earlier than in some other European countries, with reservations perhaps being made for 7.30pm to dine at 8pm. Tipping is not obligatory but if you’re happy with the service and your meal, around 10% is considered polite – unless the price already includes a service charge. In central London, reservations are a good idea on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Top 10 Modestly Priced Restaurants in London, England

  • The Harp Covent Garden. Actually a real ale pub but serves delicious specialty sausages.
  • Franco Manca Brixton. Sourdough pizzas cooked in an authentic Italian brick pizza oven.
  • Tayyabs. A Pakistani grill and curry house. Tandoori lamb chops are a specialty. Doesn’t serve alcohol but you can take your own.
  • The Gun docklands. Gastro pub with a great bar menu. Also has a restaurant.
  • Mien Tay Battersea. An impressive Vietnamese restaurant with impeccable service. There’s also a branch in Shoreditch.
  • St John Bread & Wine Spitalfields. Excellent value for breakfast, elevenses and lunch.
  • Antepliler Turkish Restaurant. This Haringey restaurant has a charcoal grill and a wood fired over. The Kofte parries are particularly good.
  • The Market, Camden. Not to be confused with Camden Market, this simply designed restaurant serves simple but delicious food.
  • Kentish Canteen, Kentish Town. Versatile and good value with small and larger servings as well as sharing platters on offer.
  • Delhi Grill Islington. Serving delicious Indian dishes this restaurant also has its own street food stall out front.

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Some traditional London Dishes London, England

  • Fish and Chips. A huge favorite of Londoners. Unlike other parts of the UK, where the choice is more limited, there is usually an interesting selection of fish available including Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Rock Salmon, Skate and Roe.
  • Jellied Eels. This is essentially cold cooked eels in a thick jelly and it’s usually served with vinegar and bread. OK, admittedly an acquired taste this one!
  • Saveloy/Savaloy and Pease Pudding. This is a large warm pork sausage, usually boiled, then served in paper with a yellow pudding made of split peas. Typically a take-away food served in paper and often associated with markets.
  • Shellfish including whelks, cockles, mussels and brown shrimps. Usually served with brown bread as a Sunday evening meal. This great tradition is though sadly now close to dying out.
  • Pie-n-Mash. A very soft minced meat pie that’s closer to a pudding, served with mashed potatoes and thick green parsley sauce.