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Museums in London, England

In the 18th, 19th and earlier 20th centuries, London was the capital city of a vast global empire. Much of this was trade-based and huge riches flowed into the city and wider United Kingdom through the nobility and wealthy merchant classes. This was also a time when some in government and certain rich individuals believed that exposure to art and science for the public could lead to the betterment of all. That belief coupled with plenty of available funds led to the establishment of what have since become some of the world’s greatest museums and art galleries, displaying treasures from all parts of the globe and all epochs. Many of these institutions are world-famous and household names but some are far less well known but fascinating nevertheless. A good example there is the Toy Museum (Museum of Childhood) in the relatively unfashionable Bethnal Green area of London. It might not always appear in the top guide books but it’s truly fascinating. So, if you’d like to find the hidden gems of the museums in London, just ask your Withlocals local tour guide. He or she will be able to show you some remarkable displays that ordinary tourists will just miss.

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Top 10 Museums in London, England

  • The Natural History Museum. Popular with both adults and children, there is more to this museum than just huge skeletons of dinosaurs and whales - though these are fascinating!
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum. Full of amazing exhibits relating to social history including clothing and fashion.
  • The Science Museum. Full of interactive exhibits for all those budding scientists.
  • The Museum of Childhood. This small but fascinating museum provides a marvelous insight into the history of toys. Not necessarily just for kids.
  • The Tate and National Galleries. Vast collections of traditional and modern art with some world famous exhibits in exceptional surroundings.
  • The Imperial War Museum. Even though its name may be a bit of an anachronism, this is still an exceptional display of ancient and not so ancient military equipment and events.
  • The British Museum. This renowned institution houses has a vast collection of exhibits and one day just won’t be enough to do it justice.
  • Victoria and Albert. Few would argue that this museum deserves its reputation as the world’s leading museum of art and design.
  • Transport Museum. You don’t have to be an avid fan of all things transport to enjoy a visit to this fascinating space.
  • The Cartoon Museum. This small museum houses a collection of British cartoon and comic art from the 18th century to the present day.

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3 Particularly Good Museums London, England

  • The British Museum. Housing some of the most spectacular exhibits in the world, the size of this museum can be a bit intimidating. It may be worth planning your visit so you can ensure that you don’t miss out on those exhibits that you really want to see.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum. This museum houses the world’s leading collection of all things relating to art and design. From architecture, ceramics, books, fashion (not forgetting shoes), furniture, metalwork, jewelry painting, sculpture and textiles, as well as an extensive collection relating to the performing arts, this place has something for everyone.
  • The Imperial War Museum. There are always new exhibitions on display as well as the permanent exhibitions like those relating to the First World War, the Holocaust and family life in London during the Second World War. There are many others. You may wish to extend your visit to include Churchill’s secret bunker.

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