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Holidays in England

The English enjoy holidays and benefit from fairly generous professional and public holiday entitlements. Up until the 1960s, most English people holidayed in their own country in spite of the highly unpredictable summer weather. However, the advent of cheap air travel changed that dramatically, as people headed for guaranteed Mediterranean sunshine in July and August. In 2014, an incredible 2 million people left the country within one weekend alone for sunshine in southern Europe! The English are also great natural travellers and explorers and it’s estimated that at any time about 90% of the people crossing the English Channel by all means and in either direction, will be British. In terms of shorter breaks staying at home, long weekends in the country are popular and the day-trip to the seaside likewise. Not all English people go abroad for their main holiday though. The North of England is popular because of its wilder open countryside and great history and Wales/Scotland are also visited. The West Country of England is home to King Arthur’s legends and is very popular due to the beautiful coastline and countryside. Eastern England contains the Norfolk Broads – a large area of lakes and rivers which is very popular for boat hire holidays and cruising. Your Withlocals local tours experience can help you to discover more of the options for English holiday breaks.

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The Typical Holidays by Month for 2016 England

  • January. New Year’s Day. Only relatively small numbers of English people go skiing and comparatively few take holiday breaks at this time of year.
  • February. No public holidays. Some people may take a week of their annual holiday entitlement to get some sun in Spain or further afield.
  • March. Good Friday 25th and Easter Monday 28th. This is the long Easter Weekend and some families may take a week abroad otherwise it’s a time for family celebrations.
  • April. No holidays.
  • May. 2nd is the Early May Bank Holiday. Sometimes called ‘Labor Day’ by outsiders but this is not common in England where that term is seen as socialist. Not to be confused with the informal, non-holiday and ancient ‘May Day’ which is always on the 1st. May 30th is the ‘Spring Bank Holiday’.
  • June. No public holidays. Some people, typically those without children, may take their annual 2 week holiday here to avoid the crowds of July and August.
  • July. No public holidays but the schools close down for the summer and the mass summer exodus of English people overseas will start.
  • August. Annual holidays abroad continue. The 29th is a public holiday as the ‘Summer Bank Holiday’.
  • September. No public holidays.
  • October. No public holidays.
  • November. No public holidays.
  • December. 25th Christmas Day, 26th Boxing Day and 27th is a ‘substitute day’ as Christmas falls over the weekend. Increasingly large numbers of English people now take the week from 26th December to 2nd January as part of their annual holiday entitlement and in business terms, this is becoming something of a ‘dead week’ although the winter sales do start on the 26th.



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Points to note on Holidays England

  • If a Christmas public holiday falls over the weekend, the government will make the following Monday or Monday and Tuesday holidays as 'replacement days'..
  • There can be slight regional variations on holidays around England. For example, some large industrial companies may require employees to take their annual holidays at specific times in order to avoid problems with absent employee cover.

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