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English Airports

England as a long-haul destination is usually entered through London Heathrow Airport, which is on the western side of the capital. There is a fast express rail service into the city center and a slower but much cheaper Underground (Metro) connection to London. Significant numbers of international travelers also now arrive at London Gatwick (to the south of the city), London Stanstead (to the east) or London Luton (to the north). All of the above airports have excellent public transport connections into London and English airports are usually well run and highly ordered. Unlike some airports in other countries, crime is rare in English airports and they’re highly and efficiently policed - though it would be prudent to keep your belongings with you and to stay alert. Regionally, major airports exist alongside most major cities though they are mainly used for UK-Europe holiday flights and internal UK flights. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds-Bradford are exceptions, as they are also used for quite a few scheduled international airline services though the numbers are small when compared to the big four London area airports. All English airports will be ultra-modern in terms of their facilities and traveler support services.

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Specific Airport Links England

All English airports will be connected by road and/or rail to the city they service. Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead all have excellent rail services embedded in the airport to connect into the center of London.

Be warned, Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world and for that reason, the large, modern and impressive road network around it is also amongst the most heavily congested in Europe. So, delays through traffic jams are now a regular occurrence. Do allow plenty of time if you’re travelling to the airport by road for a flight. By and large, relatively few English people travel between their major cities by air, choosing rail or road instead. That’s largely because air travel internally in the UK is relatively expensive but also because England is a small country and air travel isn’t always a viable option other than for business travelers in a hurry. The one exception is the routes between London and Scotland (Edinburgh/Glasgow/Inverness).



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As Heathrow is vast and also the world’s busiest airport, it is also often intimidating for newly-arrived tourists. The crowds and hustle-bustle can be very disconcerting and confusing. Fortunately, the Withlocals service can help you avoid traumas! A local guide can meet you directly off the flight and arrange for your on-transport. Not only that but they can also accompany you to your accommodation if that’s what you’d like to help make you feel that bit more secure upon arrival!

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