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Things to Do in Cambodia

Before visiting Cambodia, you’ll ask yourself what you want to see and do here. Cambodia is very well-known to the outside world through its magnificent temples and natural attractions. In addition to these attractions, local culture is also what you should discover during your trip. Through Withlocals, you’ll have a chance to uncover dozens of unique local things Cambodia. Are you a sightseeing fan? Then local hosts will show you hidden gems that have never been listed in tour books. So why don’t you come to visit Angkor Wat Complex or Phnom Penh with a local who can tell you the secret that you will never learn from a normal tour guide? Seeking some cultural experience? Let a local show you the local lifestyle, culture and traditions through home cooked dinners or various activities.

  • Make your own Cambodia recycle product
  • Net fishing in the countryside
  • Amazing Cambodian Food
  • Amazing Cambodian Food
  • Day Trip to See Nature and Falls in Siem Reap
  • Experience the real Cambodian lifestyle
  • Temple Day Tour With Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Phana
  • Visit Kompong Plouk Village/Floating Houses
  • Experience the real Cambodian lifestyle
  • photographer tour
  • photographer tour
  • Drive Motobike to see Local Village+Sunset!
  • Candle Light Sunset Dinner Withlocal
  • Countryside Cycling Tour
  • photographer tour

Top 10 Things to do in
  • Cambodia
    • Visiting the biggest religious monument on earth and its neighboring temples
    • Cycling around the Angkor Wat Complex and discovering daily life of the villagers residing in the villages nearby
    • Bathing in the holy water of Kulen waterfall, a waterfall where the history of Angkor era began
    • Chatting with local family while enjoying the dishes made by the local family
    • Visiting the royal palace and the national museum and shopping for some souvenirs in the shops nearby
    • Exercising through dancing at riverside with local resident of Phnom Penh
    • Discovering the history of Phnom Penh by visiting Wat Phnom
    • Visiting the prison used by the Khmer rouge during the Khmer rouge regime.
    • Visiting the local market and having some negotiation with local sellers
    • Enjoying your nightlife at Pubstreet, the most famous nightlife district in Siem Reap



    Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Cambodia.



    Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Cambodia.



    Everybody's good at something! Learn from Cambodia locals and their cultures.

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    Things to Do in
  • Cambodia<
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    • Visiting Angkor Wat Complex, the biggest religious monument on earth and its neighboring temples is what you should never miss when visiting Cambodia. As locals always say “Not visiting Angkor Wat while visiting Cambodia is like not visiting the country at all”. While visiting Angkor Wat complex, you can learn about the great masterpieces of mankind.
    • Bathing in the holy water of Kulen Waterfall will make you feel fresh. Kulen Waterfall situated on Kulen Mountain is the place where the history of Agkor era began. Besides, water, you’ll be able to find 1000 statues of Linga (penis of one god in Hinduism). The Linga is the symbol of the creation of everything on earth.
    • Visiting the royal palace and the national museum will help you to find out more about Cambodia’s history and art. It’s very convenient because the royal palace is located just next to the museum. After visiting the two places, you can enjoy shopping for some souvenirs in shops that can be all found just near the museum.