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Attractions in Siem Reap, Cambodia

What makes you want to visit Siem Reap? Your answer might be Angkor Wat and several other temples. Angkor Wat, the biggest religious building on earth, is an attraction that attract millions of visitors every year. When you come to Cambodia, visiting Angkor Wat is a must. When you step on the land of Angkor Complex, you would feel like living in one of the biggest cities on earth in the 12th century. Besides Angkor Wat, Siem Reap has more to give you for the best of your holiday. You will receive a unique experience on this sacred land. After visiting this holy city, you might want to visit the source of Angkor era, Kulen waterfall. If you go to Kulen waterfall, you will want to Banteay Srey, a temple with the finest décor, which is not so far from Kulen waterfall. To understand how the Angkor era was so prosperous, you need to visit Baray, a made lake used to irrigate crops during that glorious period. If you want to see how Cambodian people depend on their river, you should go to visit floating villages at Phnom Krom. You will be able to enjoy the boat ride and see birds.

  • Experience the real Cambodian lifestyle
  • Visit Kompong Plouk Village/Floating Houses
  • Temple Day Tour With Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Phana
  • Drive Motobike to see Local Village+Sunset!
  • Temple Day Tour With Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Phana
  • Visit Kompong Plouk Village/Floating Houses
  • photographer tour
  • photographer tour
  • Airport Pick Up and Transfer
  • Temple Day Tour With Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Phana
  • Temple Day Tour With Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Phana
  • Day Trip to See Nature and Falls in Siem Reap
  • Experience the real Cambodian lifestyle
  • An Unforgettable One Day Temples Tour By Car
  • All You Can Eat Street Food

Top 8 Attractions in Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Angkor Wat: Angkor Wat is the biggest religious temple on earth. Many locals say “if you come to Cambodia and don’t visit Angkor Wat, it was like you didn’t come to Cambodia at all”.
  • Banteay Srey: Located about 50 kilometers from Angkor complex, Banteay srey is a temple with the finest décor which will captivate all your attention while staring at her.
  • Kulen Waterfall: Kulen Waterfall is a natural place which has a closed linked with khmer history.
  • Cultural Village: At cultural village, you’ll discover the daily lives of Khmer people as well as other races living in Cambodia.
  • Phnom Krom: Phnom Krom is a name of an area located near the Tonlé sap lake. Many visitors including local tourists visit Phnom Krom for sightseeing over the floating village and watch birds flying over the lake.
  • Bakheng Mountain: Located near Angkor Wat, Bakheng is a small mountain on which stands a temple. Bakheng is a place where many tourists go to see sunset.
  • Baray: Baray is a man-made lake born in the Angkor era. Baray has a close link with Angkor Wat because it was the source of the prosperity of the holy city.
  • Ta Prom: Ta Prom is a temple located in the Angkor Complex. The temple was featured in the film “Tomb Rider” of Angelina Julie.

Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Highlighted Atrractions Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Angkor Wat: Angkor Wat is a religious temple built in the 12th century. Angkor Wat is now the national symbol. And it can be seen on Cambodia’s flag. This magnificent temple is a must visit place. If you come to Cambodia and don’t have photos taken in front of the temple, you were like not visiting Cambodia at all.
  • Kulen Waterfall: Kulen Waterfall has a link with the history of the start of the Angkor Era. The water at Kulen was considered holy and the waterfall was used to celebrate sacred ceremony in the ancient time. Bathing at Kulen waterfall is believed to bring you luck.
  • Bakheng Mountain: The visits of Bakheng Mountain reach it peak at the afternoon because the beauty of the sunset seen from the mountain. For visitors coming to visit Angkor Complex, seeing sunset on Bakheng Mountain is a life time experience. It would be more romantic if you visit there with your loved one.