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Shopping In Cambodia

If you are interested in shopping in Cambodia, you will have to decide whether you want to do it more like a local or a foreigner. We prefer the local way and exploring local markets, small shops is the option we encourage you to go for. If you want to shop for souvenir, you may need to go to Russian Market in Toul Tumpung, Phnom Penh. If you wish to know how a real Cambodian market looks like, visit O’reusey Market in Phnom Penh or other provincial markets. There are also big shopping malls like Aeon Mall and Sorya Shopping Mall. Most Cambodian people prefer to go shopping in a traditional market and avoid Shopping malls. For the locals, the difference between shopping mall and normal market is the price and normally, the products sold in the shopping malls are more expensive. In the local markets, there are many different stalls run by local sellers either selling their own made products and things from other provinces. To have a full experience of shopping in a local market, the negotiating is a must. For locals it’s a normal way of purchasing, so while in Cambodia do like Cambodians do!

Shopping, Cambodia

  • Aeon Shopping Mall: Located in Phnom Penh, Aeon Mall is now the biggest shopping mall in Cambodia. The mall hosts many shops and the most modern cinema, Major Cineplex, in Cambodia.
  • Sorya Shopping Mall: Located near central market of Phnom Penh, Sorya shopping mall is very well-known among Phnom Penh citizens and many other Cambodians.
  • Sovanna Mall: For the citizens of Phnom Penh who live around Khmer-Russian Friendship Hospital, Sovanna mall is their first choice.
  • City Mall: City mall is the shopping mall located next to Olympic stadium. This shopping mall is also famous for its cinema, Legend Cinema.
  • Lucky Mall: Lucky Mall is a crowded shopping center. At the shopping center, you can find a good supermarket where you can buy a lot of stuff.
  • Angkor Trade Center: For a classy shopping lifestyle, Angkor Trade Center is the first choice. Besides house wares products like electronics, you can go there for Swensen’s Ice Cream and Pizza of the Pizza Company.
  • Angkor Shopping Center: Angkor Shopping Center is shopping center equipped with air-conditioners. The center offers a huge selection of souvenirs ranging from jewelry to silk clothing.
  • Blush Boutique: Blush Boutique is located in the center of Siem Reap town. The boutique offers unique and fresh designs of items such as clothes, boots, and swimwear as well as beauty products.
  • Les Artisans d’Angkor: Artisans d’Angkor is a social enterprise employing over 1 000 Cambodians to produce the best traditional and contemporary handicrafts.

Shopping, Cambodia


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Shopping, Cambodia


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Shopping, Cambodia


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