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Airport in Cambodia

Cambodia used to have several more airports for its communication within and outside the country. Due to the war, only three airports are currently operating. There are two international airports, one is located in Phnom Penh, Pochentong international airport, another one in Siem Reap. The last one which is used for domestic flight is located in Sihnouk province, a province situated next to the beach. The three airports are positioned in the areas that are highly potential for tourism and commerce. So, whether your destination is Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or both, you can choose from many flight opportunities which makes your holiday comfortable and enjoyable. At the airports, you can find antique shops and food stall where you can buy your fast food or antique in case you forget to buy one.. A few year years ago, two other local airports located in Ratanakiri, a province in the North-East of the country, and Battambang, well-known province for rice production in Cambodia, were also used. Ratanikiri airport is rarely used now because the access to that part of the country is easier and cheaper by a bus.

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Airports in Cambodia
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  • Both international airports in Cambodia are located near the city, so you can take a taxi or a remork. A taxi may cost you more than a remork which is the most popular mean of transportation for people in the city. However, being in a taxi is more convenient if you like air-conditioned atmosphere. From both airports to their city center is a short ride which will take you up to 15min.



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    Guided airport pick-up in
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    Guided airport pick-up is the most convenient way for you if you don’t want to bother arranging transport to and from airport by yourself. By booking a guided airport pick-up, you’ll be waited by a local who will have already arranged the transportation to bring your from the airport to your hotel safely. So, why need to worry about calling a taxi upon your arrival? Besides, during your ride the local will give you the first introduction towards Cambodia and give you some tips on your future adventures.