Travel options in Brussels

Travelling to Brussels anytime soon and curious how to get there? Well, there are many options. You can travel to Brussels by plane, train, bus, car and even ferry. Ask your local host about the best way to travel to Brussels from your hometown!

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Travel to Brussels by plane

There are five airports in the proximity of Brussels. Brussels Airport in Zaventem is the biggest one and is also the closest airport to Brussels. It’s just 15 km away from Brussels which you can either reach by (rental) car, taxi, bus or train. The second biggest airport in Belgium, the Brussels South Airport in Charleroi, is located about 50 km from the city centre. It’s mostly used by low-cost carriers like Ryanair and Wizzair. From this airport, you can reach Brussels by bus (shuttle), train or car.

The airports in Antwerp (50 km from Brussels), Liege (20 km from Brussels) and Ostend-Bruges (120 km from Brussels) are much smaller than the abovementioned. The airlines operating in these airports are flying to several mostly-European destinations. Again, you can get to Brussels by car, train or bus.

Travel to Brussels by train

If you’re not too fond of air travel, and you’re not thousands of kilometers away, you’re probably considering to travel by train. Good choice! The several international trains to Brussels are very comfortable.

There are four types of high-speed trains to Brussels: the Thalys, which connects Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany; the Eurostar, which runs between Belgium, Great Britain and France; the TGV, which connects Belgium with France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Germany; and the ICE, which will take you to Brussels from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

It’s best that you book your ticket at least 3 months in advance. The tickets of high-speed trains to Brussels are considerably cheaper then.

Travel to Brussels by bus

Taking the bus to Brussels will be cheaper than the plane or train, but it won’t be as fast. The Belgian National Railway Company offers bus rides to Brussels from several cities in Europe, like Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Turin and lots of places in France. There are also private bus operators going to Brussels, like Megabus.

Top cool tours in Brussels

Multicultural Brussels Tour


€40.00 p.p.

Alternative Brussels Tour


€18.00 p.p.

Old and New Port area tour by car/foot


€17.00 p.p.

Travel to Brussels by car

Travelling by car is a nice way to travel. You can choose when you leave and the only departure delays are the ones caused by you or your travel mates. Travelers from England can pass the English Channel by a ferry between Dover and Dunkirk.

Belgium has lots of well-maintained streets and highways. However, traffic can be quite busy, especially in and around Brussel. Try to avoid travelling to Brussels in the morning! Driving in the city center is challenging as well. Once inside Brussels, it’s best to park your car in a long-term parking lot and then use other ways of transport.

Getting around in Brussels

As mentioned above, it’s quite challenging to drive a car in Belgium’s capital. The traffic often is quite busy, and it can be difficult to find a parking space. Therefore, it’s best to park your car in a long-term parking and then use other ways of transport. By foot, or by bike for instance. Like other big cities in Europe, Brussels has bike sharing stations. Europe’s capital also has a very extensive public transport network. Brussels is filled with buses, trams and metros. You won’t need several tickets for each type of vehicle. Just one ticket will do.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Soham Csilla

Fusion European Dinner with Hungarian Host

This was a great experience for us getting away from the usual tourist trail. Csilla had her husband and younger son pick us up from the bus stop. Their house is located in a lovely neighbourhood. We started off with wine and appetisers and soon were engrossed in a lively conversation with them. Csilla herself loved interacting with people from different places and so did we. We could not enjoy their balcony as it was raining outside. Finally we sat down for a well prepared meal with her entire family. We wanted to book an uber on our way back but could not manage to book one. So her husband offered to drop us to our Airbnb at the same rate which an uber charges which we felt was a really nice gesture on their part. I would recommend this activity not only for the meal but also for the cultural exchange that happens when you interact with people living lives so different from yours.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Wayne Csilla

Fusion European Dinner with Hungarian Host

My wife and I had dinner at Csilla's home recently and had a great experience. She was warm and welcoming. The hor d'oerves , dinner and wine were all wonderful but the best part was meeting Csilla and her family. We dined with her and her 2 sons and met her husband later as he had business event to attend. They are all lovely people. We loved this experience and recommend having dinner with a local on your next journey. Be sure to get specific transit instructions from your location. Cheers

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Tricia Csilla

Fusion European Dinner with Hungarian Host

Camilla and Daniel were excellent hosts together with their sons Felix and Oscar. The boys met us at the bus stop and walked us up to their amazing apartment with lovely views out across Brussels. After an aperitif (or 2) of rose wine and pate I went to help(?) Csilla make the dish. Actually I just watched but it was fascinating to see pasta being made - Oscar helped too and ate some of the raw mixture!! Csilla and I were able to talk about food and cooking and found we both knew a lot of similar things. We then sat down to a family meal which was delightful and delicious!! We ended up chatting so much that we suddenly realised it was after 10pm and we still had to get back to our accommodation.
We had a fantastic time and Csilla and Daniel made us feel really welcome. Csilla is an amazing cook making the recipe seem really easy. We both hope this venture works well for her.
If you want a great evening with lovely food in a pleasant location with friendly hosts then this is the place for you.