top5 Brussels Airports

Travelling to Brussels in the near future? If you want to go by plane, there are five airports to choose from: Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Brussels South in Charleroi, Antwerp International Airport, Liege Airport and Ostend-Bruges International Airport.

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Brussels Airport

The biggest one – by far – is also the one closest to Brussels: Brussels Airport. The Brussels Airport looks modern and luxurious and has lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s located about 15 km north from the center of Brussels, which you can reach by train, bus, car or taxi.
Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to get the city center. You can take the express line or the Bus 12/Airport Line, which runs every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday, until 8 PM. This bus will take you to the European Quarter. Another option is Bus 21. This one is a tad slower but runs in the weekends as well. It takes you to Ducale, right in the center of Brussels. Buses 471 and 272 will bring you to Brussels-North.
The fastest way to get to the center from the Airport in Brussels is the train, because by bus, car or taxi you will probably get stuck in a traffic jam. The train is a bit more expensive than the bus because you have to pay the Diabolo tax.

South Brussels Airport

The Brussels airport in Charleroi (South Brussels) is located about 50 km south of Brussels. It’s used by low-cost carriers like Ryanair, Pegasus Airlines, Wizzair, Jetair and Thomas Cook. Around 100 cities in Europe, North Africa and Turkey are connected to this airport. From the Brussels South Airport, a shuttle bus will get you to the center of Brussels in about 45 minutes. It’s best to buy your bus ticket in advance if you want to avoid additional fees. You can also get to Brussels by car or train.

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Antwerp International Airport

The airport in Antwerp offers flights from and to South Hampton, London, Hamburg, Berlin, Geneva, Caen, Alicante, Barcelona, Ibiza, Malaga, Nador, Palma de Mallorca, Rome and Split. Brussels is about 50 km away from the Antwerp Airport. You can go by car, train or bus (line 14).

Lieges Airport

The Airport in Liege is famous for its cargo operations. It’s the eight biggest cargo airport in Europe, but also offers a few passenger flights. Six airlines regularly operate charter flights at Liège airport: Jetair, Nouvelair, Air Corsica, Thomas Cook, Tunisair and I-Fly. To reach Brussels, which is only 20 km away from Lieges Airport, you can take the train, bus (line 57) or rent a car.

Ostend-Bruges International Airport

Finally, you can book a flight to Ostend-Bruges International Airport to go to Brussels. Although its focus is cargo transport, Freebird Airlines, Jetairfly, Tunisair and Tailwind Airlines operate regular flights to this airport. The Ostend-Bruges airport is the furthest away from all of the abovementioned airports. It’s 120 km from Brussels. A train ride would be the fastest way to travel to Belgium’s capital; it takes about one hour and a half. You can also travel by bus (line 57) or go by car.

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Natalie Christophe

The Alternative Side of Brussels with a Local

Christophe was really friendly and engaging with our larger group of 12 colleagues. He adapted the alternative side of Brussels Tour to fit our schedule and interests. He was really patient with everyone and let us enjoy the tour in our individual ways. He knows a lot about the city and recommended great places to visit while we were there. Great tour guide! :)

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Carla Csilla

Fusion European Dinner with a Local

We had such a good time with Csilla and her family! The food that we learned to make was delicious, and the company was even better!! I would highly recommend spending the time to take this cooking class if you are able!

Withlocals guest
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David Nettah

Brussels Art Deco Architectural Gems with a Local

We enjoyed an informative and interesting walking tour with Nettah. He was great to talk to, very knowledgeable and had plenty of insights, both for art deco houses and the treasures of the under rated city of Brussels. Two chocolates from an award winning Belgian chocolate outlet were a yummy bonus (patronised largely by well-informed locals, not tourists).