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Meet 2 continents through Withlocals: make new friends over the dinner table in a local's home, go on a guided tour with a local who knows all the hidden gems or learn a new skill from an artist who has picked up up his passion from previous generations of crafters. Head out to Asia and get to know real Asia, real people, no tourist traps or gimmicks included, but the raw connection that inspires you to understand and experience new cultures. Stay or travel to Europe to get a feeling of what the old continent has to offer. A variety of cultural backgrounds in a melting pot of differences and similarities, this is the way locals live day by day. You can be a part of that through Withlocals. Your time in Asia and Europe is in the good and loving hands of our local hosts. In this section you will find everything you need to know.Just navigate to the destination of your interest and get ready, create memories for life with a local! Your local host will be a big part of all the right local things to do and local things to eat. Enjoy!