General information

Withlocals is an online marketplace that brings people together from all around the world to enjoy new cultures and create new memories through Food and Experiences.

Anyone can become a host! Are you a talented foodie? Do you love your city and can’t wait to show the hidden gems through the eyes of a local? Or do you have an incredible skill that you would love to share?  

Become a host by simply creating your own offer or choose to join a Withlocals Originals offer. 

Our offers include:

Food Experiences: Share your passion for food with people from all over the world, make new friends and create connections.

Things To Do: Show guests your own community and the best spots in your neighborhood. Create your own unique tour! This can be “Best food stalls in Singapore”, “Yoga and meditation tour in Nepal” or “Urban Biking Tour through Amsterdam”.

Withlocals Originals is an extra service offered to hosts: a ready-made tour or activity that you can learn and offer guests. The experiences are created and optimized through data-driven market research based on what today’s travelers want. This way we guarantee a competitive and unique offer. As a host you are free to offer it your way and personalize the tour to the preferences of your guests and add your own personality for a truly memorable experience.

Withlocals is present in 50 cities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our top destinations include Rome, Bangkok, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

Haven’t spotted us in your country yet? Drop us an email and tell us what kind of experience you have in mind: 

It is possible for you to receive a request from a guest to offer your experience on a specific date. You can easily discuss this through our message system. If you have agreed upon the date and time, you can simply add the event to your calendar and notify the guest that the experience is ready to be booked.

It’s a fairly straightforward process to put your qualified foodie experience, tour or activity online. Simply register as a host on our website and follow the steps.

Don’t worry, it’s completely free to sign-up as a host. 

Want to become a host for a Withlocals Originals offer?
Contact us at: and mention the tour you’re interested in hosting. 

Our ambassadors are team members who verify and photograph your experiences before they get published on After listing your experience on our website, you’ll be contacted by one of our local ambassadors to review your experience.

A visit by our ambassador is a great opportunity to get awesome photos and to ask all the questions that go through your head. 

Withlocals offers hosts a platform to offer their experience to guests from around the world. To enable guests to find hosts and have an excellent customer experience, Withlocals delivers several services:

a. An easy to use platform to receive and manage bookings.

b. Promotions of our hosts and experiences on the platform and through many different marketing channels. 

c. Help in promoting your experiences by offering free professional photography and advice, during a personal visit by one of our local ambassadors.

d. Payment in full when a guest makes a late cancellation or is a ‘no show’, when payment is made online. We also give you partial payment that is equal to Withlocals' commission fee when you agree with the guest to make payment in cash.

e. To administer the payments from the guest to local hosts in a safe and secure way.

f. To deliver outstanding customer service that fulfils your needs. Our aim is to deliver happiness!

For these services Withlocals asks a transparent service fee of 20% of the host offers bookings price.

A different fee for Withlocals Originals applies and is around 30% - this fee is higher due to extra promotional efforts & video material.

We focus on 2 experience categories. 

  1. Withlocals Originals offers that are created by us
  2. Offers created by you:  

Food Experiences - Are you a true foodie? Earn money as a passionate home chef! Host a home dinner for guests and present them your favorite meal. Share a meal, make new friends and create connections.

Things To Do - Show guests your own community and the best places in your neighborhood. Create your own unique tour! Everything from: “The best food stalls in Singapore” to “Urban biking through Amsterdam” or a “Yoga and meditation in Nepal”.

Instant booking confirmation is available for hosts whose confirmation rate and response rate are above 80 percent, and who are among the most booked hosts in their city. Activate instant confirmation and receive more guests from Withlocals!

What to do if you want to join the ‘instant confirmation’ program but you are not there yet?

- Instantly answer messages from potential guests 

- Confirm your bookings within 48 hours<

- Keep your agenda updated here

- Have any ideas how to promote your experience? Share them with us – we support all initiatives!

Withlocals is open for everyone. We’re always happy to welcome foodies with a passion for cooking, love for their local area or a specific skill for your community.

Please note that all our tour guides need to comply with the local rules and guidelines for guiding in their country. 

Once you’ve listed your experience(s), guests can get in touch with you via our platform. They can contact you for questions about the activity, location, pricing, availability etc. You can follow-up via our contact system. Once a booking is made, you’ll receive the contact details of the guest and they will receive yours.

Think about what you want to receive, what is a fair price for your experience? Take into consideration the time and effort you will put in as well as any extra elements such as ingredients for dinner, gas, entrance tickets etc.

You determine the price yourself. The Withlocals 20% fee is automatically calculated and deducted from the total price. So suppose you offer a home dinner for €10,-, the Withlocals fee will be €2,-. For ease we directly withdraw this fee, so you’ll receive €8,- through your preferred payment method.

We ask you not to display your experiences for a lower price on other websites than We’re an open marketplace so price competition between hosts in the same area is likely.

Yes, when you set the pricing you can indicate the price per person depending on the number of people. Go to ‘Experiences’ --> ‘Advanced pricing’ and fill in the prices you think are fair. WW: Please see note A three pages from now

Try to write an appealing description about your experience. Explain as thoroughly as possible what a guest can expect. Next to that, indicate shortly the highlights of the experience and highlight clearly what is and what is not included. For inspiration, take a look at how other hosts have promoted their tours and activities.

It is very important that the person displayed on actually performs the experiences as promised. So in the Withlocals platform, the profile picture and information about the host is always displayed. When a guest books an experience, he or she needs to be able to see who the guide will be. This way the guest knows exactly who he is dealing with and can choose whether or not he is willing to book the experience from the host.


All of our hosts will be paid by PayPal or bank transfer when possible. However, in some countries PayPal is not available. In these cases, the guest receives a bill from us before your experience and pays you in cash after the experience.

Your payment is transferred to you within 3 days after the experience. You receive the payment the same day as it is transferred to you via your PayPal account. Payments are 100% guaranteed once the experience has taken place.

Yes, as a host you are responsible for complying with the applicable tax laws in your country related to the payment you receive. 

If a booking gets canceled from the guest’s side more than 14 days before the experience date, you won’t be paid. If a booking is canceled less than 14 days before the experience takes place or if the guest doesn’t show up, we will pay you depending on the payment method you’ve selected.

When you use an online payment method, you’ll receive payment in full. If you choose cash payments, you’ll receive 20% of your price.

No, there won’t be any additional fee for this. The payment fees are already included in the Withlocals service fee.


Being a host is a completely freelance position. You can choose your own days, dates, etc. on which you’re available. This can range for instance from half a day per month, to multiple days per week.

As soon as your profile is online you’ll be able to access and edit your details. You can easily manage your profile through the Withlocals App. Control your availability in your agenda and you’ll be in charge of your own bookings. Received a booking request? Just confirm it within 48 hours, before it expires and gets canceled automatically. Get in touch with guests through the Withlocals platform to discuss details.

Yes, but it affects your confirmation rate which is very important when guests choose their hosts. The confirmation rate shows the percentage of bookings that are confirmed by you. If this is low, it’s less appealing for the guest to book your experience.

Great idea! The best way to do this is to create multiple profiles, but you can still all host the same activity. This way, not only you, but also your friends can receive guests. This will also result in more bookings, which will benefit you all!

Of course, there’s a broad range of factors that influence how many booking requests you’ll receive. Some aspects you might not be able to influence, such as country, area etc. For Withlocals Originals both content and price of the experience are set by Withlocals using data-driven market research.

You will certainly increase the number of bookings if you write a great description of your offer. Try to make your offer as appealing as possible by highlighting the unique aspects. Also, offer competitive prices, and make sure you offer good availability in terms of dates and times.

 Good hosts will be rewarded, because they will be booked more often based on positive reviews received by guests.

Reviews are very important to both hosts and guests. The more positive the experience is, the more positive the guest’s review will be. And the more reviews guests write about hosts after an experience, the more likely you will be booked by other guests. So make sure your guest knows about the importance of reviews and that he or she can write a review after the experience.

Yes. You will receive an automatic email and text message after a guest books your experience. You’ll also receive a notification in the ‘Message’ tab about the booking where you can confirm the booking or propose another date.

For your convenience, don’t forget to download the Withlocals app. 

Personalizing your experiences

All Withlocals experiences are “private”: which means all members in the group already know each other and there are no strangers. This means that any experience can be changed according to your guests’ wishes, nobody else will be affected. We actively encourage guests to ask for personalized experiences. But these changes to the experience must be agreed and if they affect the cost, you must also agree a new price.

It’s super easy to create a personalized offer! Simply click on the create personalized offer button in the chat box with your guest and discuss what he/she requires and the number of people joining the tour or activity. Your guests may want to simply change the time of the experience, or they may have special dietary or mobility needs, for example. Or they may want to visit a specific venue. Discuss and agree these requested changes via the chat box.

The price for your personalized offer is not per person, but the total price you will receive from the group for offering this experience. That’s because a personalized offer is for one that is specific to a person or group, so you need only quote one price. The total price is paid by the guest and the price you’ll receive is the total price minus the 20% Withlocals fee if the guest is requesting to modify your host offer and around 30% in case the host is asking to modify Withlocals Originals tour.

When creating a one-off offer you create a completely new offer. This would be useful when a guest requests an experience that is completely different from the ones you offer already. When a guest simply requests some changes or a date that is not available yet, you can simply personalize an existing experience.

Yes, everything at Withlocals is always private. “Private” experiences are those where a host leads a group of guests who all know each other.

Congrats! You can now enjoy creating a 100% personalized offer for your guest. If you want to do this simply accept the request by clicking “create offer” and start making it. If it’s not a good time to accept the request, please consider proposing a new date. Ask the guest till when they’re staying in your area and create a personalized offer for that fits in that time span.

If proposing another date is not possible, you could reject the request by clicking on the red ‘reject’ button. Please keep in mind that rejecting a request means that your confirmation rate will be influenced negatively. The confirmation rate shows the percentage of bookings that are confirmed by you. If this is low, it’s less appealing for guests to book your experience.

You must attend all bookings that are confirmed. However, you can withdraw the offer at any time. If you want to withdraw an offer, you can go to the details page in your Withlocals chat with your guest and reject the offer at the bottom of the page. 

Safety and trust

Withlocals is an open marketplace, which means that the booking is made between you and the guest. Every host and guest need to create profiles on the website and give some information about themselves. This way we make sure you get to know a bit about the guest and what you can expect. The Withlocals message system helps you ask all the questions you want so things are clear. You won’t be able to exchange contact details before a booking is confirmed for privacy reasons.

In case of a bad experience, Withlocals will transfer the payment to you. Your payment is guaranteed depending on the payment method you’ve selected:

PayPal: you’ll receive 100% of the price. Cash: you’ll receive 20% of the price.

Don’t worry, we won’t misuse your information, nor share it with others. It is used as verification of you as a host and is shared to guests AFTER the booking has been made, in order to arrange direct contact between you and the guest.

Withlocals is open for everyone. However, it is up to you to make sure if there are any specific legal restrictions or laws applicable to the experience you’re offering and to adhere to those.