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  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Languages: English, Vietnamese
  • Response time: less than 12 hours

I'm a Vietnamese from Saigon, I'm open, friendly and enthusiastic about meeting new people. Having dinner with my family will bring you very authentic experience. Just come and experience it!

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Contemporary Southern Vietnamese Dinner

Extraordinary food, among the best meals we had in Vietnam. The "bánh khọt" -- a dish we hadn't seen anywhere else, fas we traveled from Hue to the Mekong Delta -- was amazing, a small, crunchy cup containing a custardy filling augmented with shrimp, eaten wrapped in greens or on its own. Dishes we had sampled before, like the bánh bèo (a savory, soft rice cake, topped with shrimp and fried scallions, scooped out of an individual-sized shallow bowl -- akin to the process of eating an oyster) was better than anything served in restaurants.

The food alone would be reason to go, but Tai's obvious sweetness (despite his limited English), and his sister Thien's excellent colloquial English, and fascinating insights into historical and contemporary political and social issues (the story of her father, a photographer for the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam/American war who took one of the iconic photos of the fall of Saigon, could fill a book) made for an all-around fascinating experience.

When we return to HCMC, Tai and Thien will be one of our first stops.

Contemporary Southern Vietnamese Dinner

We had a really excellent time with Tai and his sister Thien. The food was absolutely delicious and was more than we could eat! There were selections of a number of different specialties, from different regions of Vietnam. The Hue style dishes were a great surprise, and were well made, beautifully prepared, and most of all yummy! Thien speaks excellent English and provides great company, knowing a huge amount about travelling in Vietnam, and generous with tips and information, as well as insights into life in Ho Chi Minh City. She also stayed in contact by email with us for the remainder of our trip, suggesting local food to try in the different places we visited, which made for some interesting and enjoyable travel experiences!
I can't recommend this experience highly enough - Tai & Thien, we salute you!! :)

Contemporary Southern Vietnamese Dinner

A unique dinner unlike anything I have eaten in Saigon in the last 4 months!! I absolutely lovveed the rice dishes, each one was so authentic, well presented and super tasty. Thien and Tai, the brother sister duo went out of their way to make my experience stellar. Tai was even so kind to pick me up and drop me off at my place which is almost a solid 30 min ride away. I had been texting Tai before the dinner and would have never guessed that he didn't speak much English because he texts perfectly ;) He is a bit shy with his English but Thien more than compensates for him by being the perfect chatterbox :D Overall, it is well worth traveling all the way to District 6 to have a taste of the heavenly dishes that Tai makes and enjoy their wonderful company.

A customized trip with Tai

My friend and I really enjoyed the night with Tai and his sister, Thien. The food was superb and our hosts were good company. There was so much food that I won't need to eat anything for the next couple of days! There was a great selection of dishes - all of them full of colour and flavour, and very fresh and tasty indeed. A pleasurable (and very filling) evening. Thank you, Tom

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