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  • Location: Berlin
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Hi there!

My name is Liz, 33 y/o Mexican creative who loves making photographs and spending time with my best friend and husband traveling and trying new food, beer and wine. I'm fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and meeting new people. I make my bed in Berlin and when I'm not talking about myself like right now, I work in a Portuguese wine shop or I'm managing my online store. I love long walks, meditation and cooking (I make a mean guacamole, do you want to challenge me to a guac-off?).

As a photographer, if I want to capture great images I must create a relaxed environment. I accomplished this by engaging in conversations, listening with my ears and camera, and paying close attention to the smallest details....

As a cook is basically the same, I love making others happy through my food, and always paying attention to the little and delicious details!

About my professional career; I have a degree in Communications and a Executive Master in Community Management. I have held different positions in the fields of marketing and graphic design. Since 2008, I have started 3 times my photography & Web Design business in 3 different countries because I've been moving around. (Mexico-Boston-Berlin) Now, I call Berlin "Mi casa".

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