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  • Location: London
  • Languages: English, français, ไทย
  • Response time: less than 9 hours

Food is always one of my great passion. I love to eat, cook and share. I can't really say what kind of food I love to cook most as it's considered another art form to me. I have lived abroad for several years (France and Hong Kong) and travel a lot too. Now I move to London and I would like to share my experience in food from various parts of the world with you. So most of my food will be more like Thai fusion.
If you want to try something somewhat different but yet still giving an authentic taste, you might wanna try my cuisine. I would like to have at least one day in advance before the booking. That will allow me to have sometime to go to the market and get all the fresh ingredients for your meal :).

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Guest reviews about Aon

A customized trip with Aon

We had a wonderful evening at Aon's place. The food she prepared for us was amazing and we had a really nice and interesting conversation. We even went out for a drink afterwards. Very glad to meet her and we totally recommend this experience.

A customized trip with Aon

I had a very Nice dinner with Aon! She did let me make contact with traditional food, in here own way, while she also put her travelling into the food! So the food ended up be a mixture of tradition and life experience!
Aon has a very lovely little appartment with a great view over Bangkok.
Besides the food, Aon is great company and a very good host. I had a great first evening in Bangkok!

When East meets West.

I had so much fun with Aon. Her food was Thai fusion. It was yummy and the way she plated the food was exquisite. We had so many things in commons and it was a fun night in with a non-stop conversation, good food and wine. I even learnt a few tips about cooking from her. Definitely recommended. Thanks again, Aon!

A customized trip with Aon

It was exited evening with new friend and good food.

A customized trip with Aon

I am very happy I chose Aon for my first Withlocals experience. Not only was the food delicious and price affordable, but she was a great host and a passionate cook.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who would like to try Thai or Western food (or a mix of both!) cooked by a pro in a pleasant atmosphere. Hurry up before she becomes famous and starts charging more! :)

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