Style Guide

This is the official Withlocals Style Guide. It contains directives on how to use the Withlocals style elements. To make sure our visual identity is consitent and recognisable, it is important everyone uses our style the same way.


“Connecting travelers with locals through food and experiences”


Always write Withlocals, with only an uppercase W. Don't write WithLocals or With Locals.


This is the Withlocals Colour Palette. You can also download a swatch file for Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

  • Default Blue

    rgb: 9, 180, 237
    cmyk: 96, 24, 0, 7

    Logo, Headings
  • Dark Blue

    rgb: 39, 132, 198
    cmyk: 80, 33, 0, 22

  • Light Blue

    rgb: 213, 243, 253
    cmyk: 16, 4, 0, 1

  • Pale Blue

    rgb: 242, 251, 254
    cmyk: 5, 1, 0, 0

  • Red

    rgb: 243, 68, 10
    cmyk: 0, 72, 96, 5


Withlocals Logo

This is the official Withlocals logo.

You can download the logo in different formats here:

Withlocals Icon

This is the Withlocals Icon.

You can download the icon in different formats here:

Do Not

Here are a few examples of how NOT to use the logo.

  • Don’t strech or squeeze the logo

  • Don’t change the logos colour

  • Don’t change the logos orientation
  • Don’t add shadow to the logo

  • Don’t crop the logo

  • Don’t add bevel or emboss to the logo


These are the fonts Withlocals uses. The use of other fonts should be avoided.