Personalized offer

Based on the feedback of our hosts, we have now made it very easy for you to create a special, personalized offer for your guest. This helps you to increase your bookings.

How does it work?

Step 1

A traveler dreams of his perfect experience

Step 2

When the traveler contacts you, you can start planning the trip together

Step 3

Now you can offer the traveler the ultimate experience

How do I create a personal offer?

It is very easy to create a personal offer. Just follow the five steps underneath.

1 Travelers send a personalized request, which you receive in your messages

2 You can easily create an offer for the traveler. Choose between:

  • Personalizing an experience you already offer
  • Create a whole new offer

3 The traveler can accept your offer or request changes

4 You can easily edit your offer

5 Booking received! Your booking is directly confirmed.

Do you want more info or have any questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us by choosing "Live chat" on the right.