Tours in Indonesia

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Des sites incontournables de la ville aux trésors cachés.
De l'essentiel de la nourriture aux dîners à la maison.
Nos hôtes le partage avec vous.

Tours in Indonesia

Being located along traditional trade routes, Indonesia is used to engaging with all kinds of different cultures. Therefore, Indonesian locals are more than capable of showing you what their greatly diverse country has to offer. Why take the expensive tours and let a travel agent setup your itinerary for your holiday, when you can go on a private local tour with a local host. Why not try a private tour in Bali? Being hosts for all kinds of travelers for centuries long, the people of Indonesia are highly qualified to make your experience in their country a personal and authentic one. A local guide can offer you a personalized tour, whether you are more of the outdoors kinda person or you love the cultural sites. If you want to explore the beauty and richness of Indonesia, your local host will take care of that!

Top highlight tours in Indonesia

Temple Tour: UNESCO World Heritage Site


€45.96 p.p.

2 Days Bali Highlights Tour


€30.00 p.p.

Yogya's Culture and Heritage Day Tour


€71.80 p.p.

Habits in Indonesia

  • Indonesians will always greet you kindly, after which they might ask ‘where are you going?’. This question is still part of the greeting.
  • After being invited for a meeting, Indonesians rarely say that they can’t make it, they will say ‘If I have the chance I can come’.
  • When you're Indonesian, it's not common to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Meeting a new person is done through a third person.
  • Indonesians don’t generally show their frustration in public. It's rare to see someone shouting in the street, they will do this behind closed doors.
  • For Indonesians, the word ‘Bule’ is referring to Caucasian foreigners. It is nothing negative, only a nickname for white people.
  • Smoking is very common in Indonesia, and you can also find restaurants where you are allowed to smoke inside.
  • Indonesians don’t eat with their left hand, this is considered the ‘dirty hand’. Make sure to shake people’s hand with your right hand.
  • Don’t feel uncomfortable when people are staring at you! This is not considered impolite in Indonesia.

Ce que disent les clients de nos hôtes

Client Withlocals
Hôte Withlocals
à propos
Arri Ketut

Traditional Balinese Culture Tour

We had good time during the water sport. And we had more than 10 hours to finish that. Excellent Host Mr. Ketut

Client Withlocals
Hôte Withlocals
à propos
Jonathan Ketut

Traditional Balinese Culture Tour

Nice person and we have enjoyable time