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Urban Storytime Walking Tour

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  • Great Storytelling
  • Urban Legends
  • Myth and Folklore
  • Insight into Modern Culture
  • Roman Towns
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Jewish Neighborhood

What you can expect

Join me, urban explorers of time and space, as we walk the streets of Barcelona unraveling the history, culture, myths and urban legends that have made this city and given it its unique place in the collective imaginarium of humankind.

We will laugh, cringe and stand in awe as we discover the underlying myths of Barcelona's foundation, walking across the first Carthaginian and Roman towns built more that two thousand years ago. We will dive into the Gothic quarter following a young Christian girl who, despite Roman oppression, stood up for her faith to become a martyr, saint and patroness of the city.

We will sit at the court of the medieval King and Queen of Spain to witness Christopher Columbus laying at their feet the first shipments of gold, slaves, fruits and spices brought to the crown from the "new world". We will gaze in terror at the robed judges standing around the balcony of the palace of the inquisition where countless "heretics" where judged and condemned for their heritage and creed. We will stroll around the medieval Jewish neighborhood and discover the secrets of a myriad Hebrew inscriptions in Old Barcelona's walls, following the trails of kabbalists and mystics.

We'll fight dragons and save princesses as we dive into the Catalan twist of the archetypal myth of St. Jordi, a major inspiration and influence of Barcelona's most famous and renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. We'll sit with Picasso at the tavern where he was first discovered and made famous amidst the great artists of the Modernisme movement, Catalonia's pride and flagship.

We'll hide behind the barricades of Civil War- era Barcelona as bombs fall over the city and the unions of anarchists are holding fort against the imminent victory of the fascist side, only to emerge in modern times in the plaza of St. Jaume to learn about Catalunya's modern struggle for self-determination and independence.

All this and much more while getting real insider-tips about where to eat, where to drink, where to party and where to experience Barcelona beyond your travel books: with a local and as a local.

This is the plan

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City tour details

Private City tour
Mode of transport
Walking tour
3 hours
Nr. of guests
1 - 20 persons
Meeting point
city center, Barcelona
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within 48 hours
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What's included
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Humorous storyteller

13 reviews

Hello and great to meet you, urban explorers of the world!
My name is Adam and I'm a storyteller and urban safari guide, street photographer, psychologist, anthropologist and PHD student in the wonderful city of Barcelona. I work as a professional tour-guide in the city, both as a means to support myself through my studies and mainly because I love walking the streets of the old town making people laugh as they listen to the wonderful stories, myths and urban legends this city holds for those ready to discover them. Come join me in a fantastic walking tour of Barcelona and get a head-start in your explorations of this ancient magical place."

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