Share a Morning with Thai Monks
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The San Francisco Wolf

Share a Morning with Thai Monks

Spoken in: English, ไทย

(46 reviews) star Off the beaten track Bangkok 1 - 2 watch_later 3 hours
  • done Get an inside look at Monks life
  • done Assist in collecting Alms during the morning ritual
  • done Share and Eat the lavish and local food collected
  • done Make Merit for your journey ahead

You will meet here: Tha Tien Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Bangkok Thailand

What you can expect

Have you ever wondered about the hidden and mysterious lives of monks? What do they do during the day? How do they live their lives? What activities and rituals do they perform in their daily routines? Now is your chance to not only take a peek into the hidden lives of monks, but also to participate and build merit as they do.

Come take a stroll in an ancient ritual performed only during the crispy dawn hours, as the rising rays of the morning sun pierces the darkness of the previous night and reveals the new day of spirituality and discovery.

By very special permission of the resident monks, I have been given the chance to provide the rare opportunity to bring a guest (or two) along for the Collecting Alms activity as the monks make their way around the Bangkok temple district collecting food for the day.

You will have the opportunity to assist first hand in the Collecting Alms process by performing the duties of a "temple boy," and will also get to share in the morning meal with the monks from your assistance.

Space is extremely limited so join us for a morning of magic and mystery and make your trip to Thailand an unforgettable one.


What should I wear?

You can wear any casual polite clothing that covers your shoulders and your legs below the knees. A simple tshirt or collared shirt is recommended. A long(er) pair of shorts is recommended as pants may be too restrictive (and sweaty). You will be walking short distances so comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

How should I get to the meeting point?

Directions and instructions will be provided once you have booked the activity. It is highly recommended for you to schedule a taxi with your hotel/hostel so that they can provide you with a wake up call and ready transportation so early in the morning. To arrive at 05:00am, it is recommended for you leave before hand, around 04:30am depending on your distance from the meeting point.

What if I arrive late?

We will make every effort to provide to you as much of the activities within the remaining alloted time, but i can NOT provide any "make up" time as this activity is heavily time sensitive. Please take this as a warning and as an encouragement to prepare your mind, spirit and body the night before and come with an open mind and an open heart.


Things you should be aware of:

- This activity is limited to a private group of 1 or 2 guests.

- You are a guest of the monks and of the temple, and of their living space. Please be respectful and mindful of your conduct accordingly. You do not need to be particularly buddhist or religious or spiritual but we do ask that you are curteous in your conduct. Assistance will be provided for your convenience.

- Only male guests may assist monks with Collecting Alms, but couples may join the activity. The female guests can accompany the activity (with me).

- This activity begins at 05:00am in the morning. Please be mindful of the early start time and access your dedication to the rare opportunity. Please get plenty of rest the night before, stay hydrated and bring your wonder and enthusiasm. Once the activity begins, you (and your body) will awaken very quickly to a refreshing and spiritual journey.

- This activity involves walking for small distances and carrying light loads (of food and water). Nothing too taxing as the monks will carry their own load if they do not have assistance.

- Breakfast will include all the food that is collected during the Collecting of Alms. As monks can NOT make requests during the collection process, the variety of food can vary greatly by what the community offers. I can NOT fully guarentee being able to accomodate for all dietary preferences, as the spread can be quite random. Perhaps, if your dietary preferences are NOT made by physiological necessity, you may consider making an exception for the opportunity, or forgiving us for our inability to fully provide for your needs.

If you have any questions, you are always free to reach out! Looking forward to meeting you for this unique, spiritual journey!

This is the plan

Meet at the temple with guests
Emjoy some light exercise to awaken the body and mind
Assist in Collecting Alms with Monks
Prepare food for Monks morning meal
Monks eat morning Meal
Share in Morning Meal with Monks
Make Merit Offering

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Off the beaten track details

Private Off the beaten track
Mode of transport
Walking Tour
3 hours
Nr. of guests
1 - 2 persons
Meeting point
Tha Tien Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Bangkok Thailand
Guest pick-up included
within 48 hours
  • checkFree cancellation up to 14 days before experience date
  • closeNo refunds within 14 days of experience date

What's included
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The San Francisco Wolf

(46 reviews)

"I hail from the south of Thailand, born and breed but raised by a pack of wild wolves in San Francisco for most of my life.

I frequently visit my motherland and stomping grounds to “get my head straight” and fill my lungs once more with the air up there that only comes from the proverbial land of milk and honey: though in my case the land of late night food stalls and stinky fruit.

Having worked for decades in the games industry in the Silicon Valley playing video games and breaking things I headed out to on next venture to receive and introduce people from all over the world to my “backyard”.

The latest expansion pack to Thailand Tour Tycoon has just been released. Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?!"

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