Sample Delicacies of Zoroastrian Iranian Food


Sample Delicacies of Zoroastrian Iranian Food

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  • Indian cuisine
  • 1 course
  • Wine, Beer served

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What you can expect

Zoroastrians come from the pre Christ followers of Zurathushtra. Our forefathers landed in India from Persia 1700 years ago to escape persecution from the Muslims invaders. Popularly called Parsis.
We are the smallest ethnic community with only 160,000 surviving globally.
Our religious and cultural identity have been well preserved over these years despite being a minuscule number in a highly populated country.
We enjoy laughter, music, fun and non-vegaterian
cuisine, a blend of Persian, Indian and western.
Grab this opportunity as it will not last. The Parsis are an engendered species!
Spend an afternoon or evening with our lovely family at our modest home.
We promise an unforgettable day.

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Private Home dinners
3 hours
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1 - 4 persons
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within 48 hours
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1 review

My wife and 2 sons are born in India, our daughter was born in USA.
We have lived in USA, China, Singapore and Hong Kong during my professional career partly with Dupont. We love traveling and tasting a variety of local food.
Our taste buds enjoy the Chinese, French and great stakes.

We wish to share our love for good taste and enjoy meeting people."

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