Meet The Buddha; Have a Zen Lunch


Meet The Buddha; Have a Zen Lunch

Spoken in: English, 中文

( 3 reviews ) star City tour Singapore 1 - 6 watch_later 3 hours
  • Have an eye feast of a Buddhist temple
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Appreciate a different dimension of cosmopolitan Singapore

You will meet here: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

What you can expect

Do you want your tour to include some eye feast as your gain wisdom? Join me on this stunning and comfortable temple & museum tour. We will see the highlights of the artefacts without bumping against the crowd.

Learn Buddism history and philosophy that will impress your guests on any social or dining occasion with your knowledge. Inspire them with a serene and wise side of you after this tour.

Imagine entering the museum, and you see THE newborn baby utter his first words that would shape Asia for the next 5,000 years. What spike a prince in his prime years to abandon his throne, forgo power and swear off endless stream of beautiful women? Come discover the secrets and listen to many more interesting stories as we tour the temple & museum.

You will get the precious opportunity to sit in the same hall as The Buddha Tooth Relic. Learn meditation 101 that will help to maintain your sanity after your return to your home country and come face to face with the daily buzz again.

To wrap up the tour, we will feed you with Singapore style vegan food in a must visit place, a local coffeeshop (non-tourist spot). You will get to appreciate 5 course local vegan food that is bound to satisfy your appetite. Includes soup, salad, starter, stir fry vegetables, dessert. Complimentary coffee/tea.

I have brought my personal friends who are Catholics and Muslims to this temple and everyone of them left knowing they have learnt something about life from this trip. Not exaggerating!

This is the only other temple apart from Sri Lanka that has a public display of The Buddha's Tooth Relic. The Singapore government, temple leadership team and the public poured in millions of dollars and sparred not effort to build this impressive temple & museum.

Write to us to discuss your flight time. We will arrange the start time to suit your travel itinerary, lunch can be arranged either before or after the temple & museum tour.

This is the plan

Gather and Introduction of me and Temple Background (Start time can be changed to suit your travel itinerary.)
Start of Tour

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City tour details

Private City tour
Mode of transport
3 hours
Nr. of guests
1 - 6 persons
Meeting point
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Guest pick-up
within 48 hours
  • checkFree cancellation up to 14 days before experience date
  • closeNo refunds within 14 days of experience date

What's included
checkEntrance tickets
checkPrivate guide
check1 non alcoholic drinks


3 reviews

I am a true blue born-and-bred Singaporean, absolutely proud of my beloved country. I frequently bring my overseas friends to the various spots not found on travel maps, and also bring them on educational tours in Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. They have all left Singapore with a deeper appreciation of the history and culture of this tiny red dot. My training as a museum guide in The Peranakan Museum in Singapore comes in handy for organization and presentation of this Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum tour.

At the same time, I am a Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher and many of my students have recovered from physical & emotional discomfort and many more students are staying healthy from my yoga classes. I chose Botanic Gardens for the Yoga session, my other program, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing tourists with a floral eye feast and a magnificent environment for Yoga with nature.

WithLocals is a great avenue to combine my passion and my love for my country within the same activity. My overseas' friends touched & satisfied look when they leave my country is the experience I wish to share with friends through WithLocals."

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