Jewish Berlin: Unique Walking Tour


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Jewish Berlin: Unique Walking Tour

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  • Explore the sights of Berlin's rich Jewish history
  • Explore the Jewish cemetery & New Synagogue
  • 100% personalized experience for you!
  • Learn stories about historical places of protests
  • Visit a Jewish cafe & try some kosher snacks
  • Private tour: only you & your local host

You will meet here: Senefelderplatz

What you can expect

Join me on this tour for a better understanding of Berlin's Jewish community - past and present. Discover several Jewish places and sights in Berlin starting at the old Jewish cemetery where also a few famous Jewish people are buried, continuing to places of worship - the Synagogues - from the ones that are still standing and the ones that are missing.

Along the way, I can show you a place where German women fought for their Jewish husbands to be released and a historical place where love won. Also, you will see the street where the oldest Jewish cemetery once stood. And through amazing storytelling, I can help you take a look at the past to understand more vividly these impactful historical facts.

Ready for a break? We can include, on a personalized offer, a pit-stop at the local Jewish Cafe Beth and try some kosher snacks.

To keep the journey going, you'll visit the 'Transports to Life and Death Sculpture' where I can tell you stories about the children who were victims of the Nazi regime and the ones who were saved.

Have you heard about the Memorial Fashion Centre at Hausvogteiplatz? You'll hear the whole story at this monument where once Germany's high fashion stores owned by Jews dominated the area and were destroyed by the Nazis. This experience would not be complete without an insightful visit to the Holocaust memorial.

Take a look at the past and see how the present has molded from this history and how the locals paid respect through its memorials and preservation of historical sights.

If there is any other place or stop that you want to include, please let me know! I can personalize this tour 100% for you. See you soon in Berlin!

This is the plan

Jewish cemetery
The old Cemetery from 1928 where over 20.000 individuals are buried.
Beautiful Synagogue
The largest Synagogue in Germany from 1904.
Protest site & memorial
Where German women protested 5 days in March of 1943 to have their Jewish husbands released from prison.
Jewish workplace
Pre-war work place for Jewish workers, many of them blind. During the war hiding place for some of the workers.
The oldest Jewish cemetery
The oldest Jewish Cemetery in Berlin from 1671, closed in 1827.
A missing house...
The bombed house where all Jewish and non-Jewish residents died in their sleep.
Kleine Auguststrasse Synagogue
The site of former Synagogue of Ahawas Scholaum and Mogen David Associations.
Impressive sculpture
The sculpture depicting the scenes of many Jews that had to fled their homes with no notice and in a hurry.
Sculpture with a story
Sculpture of 7 jewish children - 5 of them representing those (2 million) who lost their lives in Concentration camps and 2 children representing those whose lives were saved by the Kindertransport to England.
Memorial Fashion Centre
A memorial to the destroyed high fashion stores and their owners who were sent to nazi concentration camps and killed there.
Holocaust Memorial
Memorial for 6 million murdered Jews of Europe - 2711 grey stone slabs from 2005.

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What's included
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Friendly Singer&Designer

329 reviews

I am a man of many professions that has been living in and loving Berlin for the past 14 years.
I have travelled all over the world and was often a tour-guide for either my business customers or friends.
Since my grandfather was a prisoner in Dachau concentration camp that part of history is of a special interest for me.
Besides the Berlin essentials I would also like to show special places and things that tourists do not see on a regular tour, take you to special little restaurants that are known to locals only.
I would like to invite you to join me on my tour of this extraordinary and special city."

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