Hong Kong Fusion Street Food Tour in Western New Territories


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Hong Kong Fusion Street Food Tour in Western New Territories

Spoken in: 中文, English

( 54 reviews ) star Food tour Hong Kong 1 - 4 watch_later 3.5 hour
  • Enjoy 9-10 delicious tastings
  • 100% private, 100% personalized
  • Experience a local minibus ride
  • Off the beaten path experience
  • Discover a traditional wet market, and a Hakka village

You will meet here: Tsim Sha Tsui Station

What you can expect

Join me on this food and culture tour and experience what it’s like to eat like a genuine Hong Kong local. We can munch on delicious treats and stroll through marvelous streets. And while we walk I can tell you about the people, traditions and culture of this amazing city.

I will make sure you eat well on this tour. Both traditional treats and new tastes, textures, and flavors. Locals in Hong Kong love to try new things, and the street food shops are constantly adding new foodie ideas to their menus. Eventually, they became fusion street food, and this is your chance explore this unique street food paradise.

Let me know if you have any special dietary needs and I’ll shape your tour to fit your wishes. Vegetarian? No problem, I can take you to the very best vegan vendors in town. Along the way we’ll see how the locals live their daily routines and how they love their food. We can stroll through streets you can never find in travel guides. As a local myself, I know the best routes.

Some of the wonderful tastes that you can enjoy on this tour include honey-filled eggettes, fishballs with octopus, and rice balls with egg - all served from authentic steaming hand carts. There’s also enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef, dim-sum dumplings and purple sweet potato.

This tour is your chance to ask all your travel questions. Want to know how to use public transport? Ask me, I’m a local. Want to know the best places to dine and drink? Tell me your preferences and I can advise on which restaurants and bars best suit your wishes, and also suit your budget.

At the end of this tour, you will have great stories to tell when you are back home and maybe some takeaways of your favorite food items as well!

Bye for now, and see you soon.

This is the plan

Meeting Point
Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, Exit A1, Street Level
Stop 1
Arrive at a lesser-known place for street food and shopping. This is a completely local experience, and translation is needed!
Stop 2
Enjoy some enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef. Usually I order chicken rice rolls along with these, have a taste!
Stop 3
Handheld Sushi - These are very popular in Hong Kong. How about a freshly made salmon handheld roll? Or maybe scallops, tuna salad, etc? Don't eat raw fish? No problem! There are plenty of cooked choices that are equally good!
Optional Food
If you enjoy spicy food, please follow me to the award-winning noodle stand with a very good spicy chicken. Past guests said this was very good and had an unique style of spicy!
Stop 4
Cooling down time: Let's enjoy a cup of mango coconut with boba or sago. Quench your thirst with a signature drink here. There are literally 100+ drinks on the menu, feel free to ask for a translation, or my recommendation!
Stop 5
Peking Duck with a twist. Not your normal Peking Duck with a steamed bun. This is a roasted duck wrap! These are slowly getting more popular in Hong Kong. Have a taste and this will change your perspective of roasted duck.
Stop 6
We will visit a food stand that is famous for its fried chicken with a special spice. Kids love these chicken nuggets very much.
We will leave this food paradise and hail down a minibus to our next destination. People call out their stops along the way, and this is an unique, and local experience!
Stop 7
We will get off the minibus, and will go see a local wet market. This is a place for the locals to get their groceries. See the different types of live fish, live chicken, meat, fruits and vegetables.
Stop 8
Let's go visit a historical Hakka village, built in 1786. See the traditional houses, walk through the compound's narrow alleyways, and marvel at the traditional village decorations and exhibits!
Stop 9
Should we try out one of the street food staples of Hong Kong? The fishballs with the special sauce, and you can choose spicy or non-spicy. This stall has one of the best ones.
Optional Food
If you haven't try one of the custard egg tarts, let me know. You can't say you came to Hong Kong and didn't try this quintessential favorite.
Stop 10
Let’s go try the egg waffles, the most popular street food of Hong Kong! These are the evolved versions that have fillings like chocolate, sweet potato, chestnut, coffee, etc. The locals have been eating these since the 1950s.
Stop 11
Oyster cakes – this family-run business serves one of the best fried oyster cakes, and it is one of my favorites. Don’t like oysters or seafood? They have other good selections you can try as well.
Hope you have enjoyed the tour, and part our ways with a full stomach. I will lead you to the nearest MTR (subway) station.

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Food tour details

Private Food tour
Mode of transport
3.5 hour
Nr. of guests
1 - 4 persons
Meeting point
Tsim Sha Tsui Station
Guest pick-up
possible (extra charges)
instant confirmation
  • checkFree cancellation up to 14 days before experience date
  • closeNo refunds within 14 days of experience date

What's included
checkPrivate guide
checkMinibus ride from Kwai Fong to Tsuen Wan
checkAlcoholic drinks at extra charge and 1 non alcoholic drinks included
Not included
closeExtra food and drinks
closeMTR (subway) transportation costs


The Human GPS

54 reviews

I always tell people: " The only way to know about the city is to be in the city, talk to the people, and enjoy their food." You have chosen the right place to visit!

Hong Kong is a foodie paradise! Due to the cramped living quarters that most Hong Kongers have, a lot of us eat out quite often, and that's why there is an abundance of restaurants anywhere you go.

I left here when I was 12, when the city was having uncertainties with its future. Like many people whom left for a better life elsewhere, I still kept in touch with family and friends in Hong Kong when I was abroad, and coming back frequently to visit Hong Kong became a norm. After 20+ years living aboard in USA, I decided to move back, reacquainted with this city, and I am calling Hong Kong home again.

I am well-versed with the history of my hometown, because I believe the British influence of Hong Kong is unique, and very intriguing to locals and visitors alike. Such influences can be seen in architecture, customs, and way of life. Whenever I have time, I love to be out and about, discovering new and interesting spots along the way, to share with my friends.

When you are here, try to enjoy the bustling and vibrant scenes of life, and don't let the fast pace of people hold you back. Go explore the side streets during the day, Hong Kong is safe, and tourist-friendly; you will definitely find the old and the new complement nicely with each other.

Hope to see you soon and let's discover Hong Kong!"

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