Find the ultimate experience

Connecting travelers with locals through food and experiences


Get a real taste of local culture by dining with a local family in their home.

Withlocals matches up travelers and locals with cooking skills to rival any top chef. Not only will you enjoy home-cooking at its best and get to taste local delicacies but you’ll also have a unique chance to experience the local culture and to get to know the people by sharing a meal in a family home.

What kind of eateries?

Withlocals makes it possible for local hosts to inviate travelers and share a true authentic home cooked meal. Everybody who believes to be a good cook can ivite guests, giving travelers a complete new dinner experience.

  • Discover what spicy really means dining with a couple in the heart of Colombo
  • Celebrate a Yee Sang dinner with a couple in Kuala Lumpur
  • Try Babi Guling laid out on coconut mats in a traditional Balinese compound

Benefits for travelers:

  • Experience life with locals
  • Learn more about local culture and make new friends
  • Get travel tips you won’t find in any guide-book
  • Eat home-made, fantastic food
  • Get travel tips you won’t find in any guide-book
  • Pay less than you would in a restaurant geared for travelers
  • Create sustainable income for locals
  • Have an altogether unforgettable experience

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