Find the ultimate experience

Connecting travelers with locals through food and experiences


Enjoy activities and learn new skills alongside talented locals.

Learn new skills and experience local culture by taking part in a traditional activity or workshop led by a skilled local. You won’t just be watching, you’ll be getting your hands dirty and learning a new craft.

Ever wanted to try Mui Thai boxing or to drive a Tuk Tuk? Want to learn how to make your own Thai Lantern or crafting your own piece of jewelry? Withlocals experiences are all unique, drawing on the talents of locals, many of whom come from famous artisan families.

What kind of activities?

On Withlocals people can offer any activity they like and are willing to offer to travelers. Special about an activity is that the traveler will actually do something him or herself. As a host you’ll act as a supervisor.

  • Don’t just take a Tuk Tuk tour around Bangkok, drive the Tuk Tuk yourself.
  • Weave your way through a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, picking your own tea. leaves and learning how to brew the perfect cuppa.
  • Become an elephant handler for a day in Nepal.

Benefits for travelers:

  • Gain new skills, as well as unforgettable, unique memories.
  • Support local communities and local artisans.
  • Get a brilliant insight into local history and traditions.
  • Connect cultures and make new friends.

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