1001 Nights: Oriental Storytelling & Private Dining

El Mehdi

The Treasures Hunter

1001 Nights: Oriental Storytelling & Private Dining

Spoken in: English, العربية

( 10 reviews ) star Moroccan Home dinners Marrakech 1 - 10 watch_later 3 hours
  • Dinner
  • Moroccan cuisine
  • 3 courses
  • Wine, Local drinks served
  • 2 (alcoholic) drinks included
  • pick up possible (extra charges)

You will meet here: Hôtel Tazi

What you can expect

Looking for an authentic local experience in Marrakech like no other? You are invited for a delicious dinner hosted by me and my dear friends: Maria - my fellow hostess whom I've known for many years, Kbira - the best chef in town and kindest Moroccan woman you'll meet and last but not least, our 'house-ghost' who reveals himself only to the kindest travelers. He's not a scary one, but a storytelling one!

Our Riad is located in a very central area, near the Koutoubia Mosque. While the hustle and bustle of Marrakech by night continues, I'll lead you through small alleys of the quarter away from the crowds towards our mystical and serene home for the evening.

While enjoying the tranquil relaxed atmosphere of our Riad, you'll be served different mouthwatering Moroccan dishes, all catered to your tastes and preferences. We also serve a various range of drinks, including fine wine.

The mix of spices and slowly-stewed dishes will be a true treat for your tastebuds, but your eyes, ears, and soul are also in for a feast!
Throughout the night, you'll experience the mythical atmosphere that's been part of Moroccan culture for centuries through the art of storytelling. The ancient stories you'll hear are passed on from generation to generation and only locals know them.

I've already mentioned our 'house-ghost' before and I won't reveal too many secrets about him just yet, but what I can tell you is that he's one of the finest storytellers in Marrakech. I've known him for years and he has revealed his narrating nature to me multiple times. However, the journey he creates through his tales of the past is one I still enjoy the most during one of those 1001 nights in Marrakech - and I'm sure you will as well!

Our story-sharing will not limit itself to the past though, as we'll of course also talk about our wishes and positive thoughts on the present. As true friends do at the dining table!

If you have any special wishes for the dinner, please do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized offer. I hope to meet you soon in magical Marrakech and introduce you to true Moroccan hospitality!

Example menu

First course
Variety of cooked Moroccan Salads
Second course
Traditional Lamb or Chicken Stew
Third course
Riad Moussa Desert/ Our Treat

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Home dinners details

Private Home dinners
Mode of transport
3 hours
Nr. of guests
1 - 10 persons
Meeting point
Hôtel Tazi
Guest pick-up
possible (extra charges)
within 48 hours
  • checkFree cancellation up to 14 days before experience date
  • closeNo refunds within 14 days of experience date

Not included
Additional drinks

El Mehdi

The Treasures Hunter

10 reviews

I was born in a family of craft and thanks to my education in engineering and design i decided to approach the travel business both to share my design knowledge with local artisans to encourage creativity and develop craft ideas and with international designers visiting Marrakech to share this passion with them as well as with normal travelers in search to know more about Moroccan craft heritage"

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