top10 Things to do in Bangkok

This is the land of good food, awesome markets and amazing views! We love everything about it, and because you want to get the most out of it, we made a short list of the top things to do in Bangkok. Let’s make sure you enjoy the city like a local! Check it out and let us know if you love it!

Withlocals experiences in Bangkok are:

100% Con guías locales

A quien ves es a quien obtienes.
El anfitrión Withlocals que tu reservas es el
anfitrión que te da la bienvenida.

100% Privado

Todas las experiencias Withlocals
son privadas, es decir exclusivas
para ti o tu grupo.

100% Auténticas

Desde lo más popular de la ciudad hasta sus tesoros escondidos.
Desde comidas típicas hasta cenas caseras.
Nuestros anfitriones las comparten contigo.

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Ésto es lo que los huéspedes están diciendo de nuestros anfitriones

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
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Kevin Big

Private Spiritual Morning with Thai Monks

Big took us on an early morning adventure into the first hours of a monk's daily routine: chanting, meditating, seeking alms in nearby market streets, having their morning meal. Big apparently is friends with the monks, and they accepted us in a very friendly way. Big gave us all sorts of interesting information and personally accompanied us through the three hour visit. It was the most interesting thing we've done in Bangkok.

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
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David Tuangtip

Bangkok's Highlights on a Long Tail Boat & Tuk Tuk

We had an amazing afternoon with Tuangtip! We have been to Bangkok many times, however Tuangtip managed to take us to places that were new to us and where we did not meet many tourists.
Moreover Tuangtip is very knowledgeable and organises everything so well.
Highly recommend Tuangtip for a local and memorable experience in Bangkok!

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
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sue Jekky

Thai Organic Cooking Class: the Magic of Thai Cuisine

Jekky opened up her home and showed us how amazingly easy and yummy Thai food is to prepare. Jekky and her family are extremely friendly, well worth the experience. Would definitely recommend Jekky if anyone is looking at traditional Thai cooking 😊

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