top10 Things to do in Milan

There’s more to Milan than meets the eye and you’ll only get to know this fabulous city by venturing a little further than most travelers do. We made a list of our own top 10 favorite things to do in Milan and we want to share it with you! Hope you love it!

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Desde lo más popular de la ciudad hasta sus tesoros escondidos.
Desde comidas típicas hasta cenas caseras.
Nuestros anfitriones las comparten contigo.

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Milan Tour with a Local


€25.00 p.p.

Aperitivo Time: Sunsets, Cocktails & Bites



€36.50 p.p.

Milan’s 90 Minutes Kickstart Tour



€11.00 p.p.

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Ésto es lo que los huéspedes están diciendo de nuestros anfitriones

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
acerca de
Jotthe Francesca

Authentic Italian Cooking Class

Francesca is a delight, and cooking with her is wonderful :) Went to the lesson with 4 family members (with varying degrees of comfort with cooking) and all of us learned something!

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
acerca de
Sandra Salvatore

Milan's Futuristic & Ancient District Tour

Salvatore gave us very knowledgable insights into the city’s interesting and lovely places which we would certainly not have been aware of without him. During our walk through Milan‘s different districts he was the perfect guide to make us wanting to experience and to explore more this wonderful city which we‘ll definitely do during our next stay (already booked;-)
Grazie mille!

Huéspedes Withlocals
Anfitrión Withlocals
acerca de
Omar Valentina R.

Natural Food & Wine in Milanese Home

Valentina and Marco were attentive and went to great length explaining how every course was prepared. This was the best experience I had while I was in Milan. Another great thing about this, is that if I had gone to a restaurant, I would’ve never ordered a dish with the ingredients they prepare. It really opened my mind on the diversity of flavors on Italian food. Thanks again for having us in your home and an amazing night. We really felt like we were having dinner with long time friends.

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