top10 Things to do in Athens

Are you the type of person who wants to experience the Greek culture to the fullest? Are you the one who wants to take a glimpse of Athens' hidden gems? Are you the one who wants to feel the ambience of old Athens? Then, accompany us through the following countdown of top 10 things to do in Athens.

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Shlomit Pavlos and the Team

Off-Roading in Evia Island: All-Inclusive Experience

one time life experiment! we loved it!!! we highly recommend Offroad Greece 4X4. It's a chance to explore the unknown parts of Greeces virgin countryside the way the local drivers do it. the hole teem was extremely friendly and hospitable, treating us like we were "part of the family". making sure we are comfortable and high spirited the hole time.
you get to experience true offroading, with its challenges and extremes. not a boring tourist routine. this trip truly made our vacation a one to remember, we will definitely come back again. Don't miss it!!!

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Dorthe Vasiliki

Colors & Myths of Athens: Family Friendly Tour

We had a very nice tour of the city center. Thank you Vasiliki.

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Anfitrión Withlocals
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Mary-Anne Michail

Fresh Seafood Home Dinner with Panoramic View

We arrived at Michail and Mikos home and admired the beautiful evening view of Athens city before trying a shot of Mastiha. Mikos worked enthusiastically in the kitchen, preparing a very generous feast. Meanwhile Michail kept us engaged in interesting conversations. All the food was local. The fish had been freshly caught that morning by Kilos father. The feta and olive oil was home made on his family farm by his mother. The vegetables were fresh from his family farm. It was truly unique and authentic. Absolutely fantastic evening! We highly recommend this experience! Wonderful food and great company!

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