top10 Things to do in Paris

Oh, the magical romantic Paris? Who doesn’t dream of going there? Since there are so many amazing places to see, you’ll need a bit of guidance on your way. Here are out top ideas for the best things to do in Paris! Let us know if you love them!

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Desde lo más popular de la ciudad hasta sus tesoros escondidos.
Desde comidas típicas hasta cenas caseras.
Nuestros anfitriones las comparten contigo.

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Joseph Ana

The unforgettable graves of Père-Lachaise

Ana combined history of the cemetery with wonderful stories that captured the essence of people who are buried there (or in some cases what led to being well known) . She enhanced the experience by showing photos to provide broader perspective of the history of Pierre LaChaise cemetery. She was incredibly accommodating to someone who needed a slower pace/less strenuous route. Highly recommended! Thank You Ana!

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Renee Nella

Artist's Life in Montmartre

We had such a wonderful afternoon with Nella on our tour. We enjoyed learning the area and all the beautiful artistic history of the area that Nella was very knowledgeable and passionate about. After our neighborhood journey, we finished the rest of our tour with an amazing selection picked out for us of bread, cheeses, and wine. Finishing with a great painting we created with Nella’s direction that we will always treasure

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Johannes Paris

Paris Favorite Food Tour: 10 Tastings

Very good and easy to understand

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