We are a group of digital geeks, with a combined passion for travelling, food and people. Our mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences

We want to help shape the future of travel and dining into something that helps create personal and powerful connections between people and builds bridges between cultures.

  • Dick Koopman
    CEO (LinkedIn)
    Dick Koopman
    • Bio
    • Providing the world with the opportunity to book memories for life! That's the real deal.
  • Bas Vissers
    CPO | Chief Partnership Officer (LinkedIn)
    Bas Vissers
    • Bio
    • Loves: Espresso in the morning and getting things done. Cooking fresh food in the evening and enjoy with family and friends. Strong believer: Travel broadens your horizon and gives you new perspectives.
  • Ronald Crooy
    CTO (LinkedIn)
    Ronald Crooy
    • Bio
    • Nerd, who likes to eat, drink(☕), and relax... and windsurf.
  • Marijn Maas
    Chief Growth Officer / Founder (LinkedIn)
    Marijn Maas
    • Bio
    • Likes: People, Cooking, Liquor 43, Positivity
  • Willem Maas
    Chief Marketplace Officer / Founder (LinkedIn)
    Willem Maas
    • Bio
    • I love to explore the world. And add value to it. Enabling travelers and locals to connect is what keeps me going. Well and deep fried dishes :)
  • Mike Beunder
    Advisor (LinkedIn)
    Mike Beunder
    • Bio
    • Loves the "can do" mentality in a startup. Explore new ideas, new countries and meet new people. Life is a journey and the journey should be fun!
  • Tom van Eijk
    Online Marketing Specialist (LinkedIn)
    Tom van Eijk
    • Bio
    • Like: Exploring the beauty of the earth. Getting to know new people. Rocking my butt of at music festivals. Whooping my friends asses with Fifa.
  • Eric Meulendijks
    Frontend Developer (LinkedIn)
    Eric Meulendijks
    • Bio
    • I'm a web developer who likes to play darts, watch football games and likes socially drinking.
  • Goda Stogyte
    Region Manager for Asia (LinkedIn)
    Goda Stogyte
    • Bio
    • Curious about meeting different people, getting to know cultures and places.
  • Egle Kamarauskaite
    Region Manager Europe (LinkedIn)
    Egle Kamarauskaite
    • Bio
    • Interested in cultures, traveling, people, social media, communication, Latino dances, sharing economy, projects, advertising, life!
  • Linas Marcisauskas
    Withlocals Super Ambassador (LinkedIn)
    Linas Marcisauskas
    • Bio
    • Hi, I'm a Withlocals Super Ambassador! I'm a photographer/videomaker, travelling to meet local people and hear their stories, films and music! 🎶
  • Damian Błażejewski
    Senior Developer (LinkedIn)
    Damian Błażejewski
    • Bio
    • Passionate software developer. Except programming I like sport, meeting new people and beer.
  • Bianca Paul
    Expansion Manager Europe (LinkedIn)
    Bianca Paul
    • Bio
    • Sharing my travelling tales through photography.
  • Bart Langenhuijsen
    Manager Finance & Operations (LinkedIn)
    Bart Langenhuijsen
    • Bio
    • Totally addicted to my family, loves sports and local culture from around the globe.
  • Manon Jones
    Community Manager Europe (LinkedIn)
    Manon Jones
    • Bio
    • Always looking for the best coffee and cake shops! Interested in trying local food and wandering around new cities
  • Jarek Widomski
    Senior Developer (LinkedIn)
    Jarek Widomski
    • Bio
    • Happy software developer. Likes: playing football and videogames, watching football and tasting new beers Dislikes: injustice
  • Marcin W
    Senior Developer (LinkedIn)
    Marcin W
    • Bio
    • Passionate software developer, loving challenges, riddles, algorithms and learning new things. Besides work he likes biking, swimming and playing ping-pong.
  • Arianne Tasevski
    Product manager Travel & Tours (LinkedIn)
    Arianne Tasevski
    • Bio
    • I am working in tourism for over 25 years and enjoying every bit of it. Providing people with a great travel experience is what I like doing most!
  • Karla Perez
    Copywriter (LinkedIn)
    Karla  Perez
    • Bio
    • I love telling stories through writing. I love traveling and new adventures that challenge me.
  • Ruud Smit
    Lead Creative (LinkedIn)
    Ruud Smit
    • Bio
    • Hi, I take on all creative challenges at Withlocals, which i love doing because i love traveling myself.
  • Justina Mizeraite
    Justina  Mizeraite
    • Bio
    • Home is where the heart is & I take it everywhere with me. Love trying new things, films, music and being out of my comfort zone.
  • Ikram Rhioui
    Ikram Rhioui
    • Bio
    • Love meeting new people and learning about different cultures!
  • Lukas Keizikas
    Super Ambassador (LinkedIn)
    Lukas Keizikas
    • Bio
  • Jaleesa Nunes da Silva
    Intern (LinkedIn)
    Jaleesa Nunes da Silva
    • Bio
  • Viktor Huszag
    Copywriter / Content Specialist (LinkedIn)
    Viktor Huszag
    • Bio
    • I'm on a quest of living awesome stories. Only currency of value is the experience. Oh, and I make copy of it.
  • Cosmina Misca
    Copywriter / Content Specialist
    Cosmina Misca
    • Bio
    • I love to travel. Eager to learn new things. Excited about challenges.
  • Kelly D
    Kelly D
    • Bio
    • Go. Fly. Roam. Travel. Discover. Voyage. Explore. Journey. Adventure!
  • Marialena Panagiotidou
    Marialena Panagiotidou
    • Bio
    • Excited about traveling and getting to know new people and cultures.
  • Silvija Paulauskaite
    Silvija Paulauskaite
    • Bio